Sunday, 12 July 2009

The results are in... and it's an excuse for some pictures!!

So the poll finished today.... thanks to everyone who voted!

In first place we have my personal favourite, SWING TIME (1936)
I'm glad this one came up top! For me it's the perfect balance of dialogue music and dance, and the movie in which Ginger gets to do at least as much as Fred! Most importantly, it was Ginger's

In a very close second we have a tie between, TOP HAT (1935) aaaaannnd CAREFREE(1938).

While I'm not actually a huge Top Hat fan, it is a swell movie, and it deserves this spot. I do always wonder why it seems to be considered the best Fred and Ginger by critics? Any suggestions?
I was thrilled to see Carefree in the top few, proof it seems that the film is underrated, but also perhaps that it's Ginger fans who love it the most. EIther way, the underdog triumphed :D

A few votes back in third position we have a tie between SHALL WE DANCE (1937) and FOLLOW THE FLEET (1936)

Lovely lovely Gershwin songs in the first, and awww, dont Ginger look cute in that sailor suit :)

In 4th Place we have ROBERTA (1935) and THE GAY DIVORCEE (1934)

Some lovely costumes *swoon* lovely songs, (Night and Day is possibly my favourite song of their movies together) and a very suspicious Polish accent!!

And staggering in in last place, with no votes at all, THE STORY OF VERNON AND IRENE CASTLE (1939)
I'd love to know why noone else likes this film (well less than the others anyways!). I actually quite enjoy it except for the trauma of the end, Ginger is wonderful in it. For me, It can't be a favourite of the Fred and Gingers because there aren't enough songs, and because if I want to watch a sob story type Ginger movie, I stick to Tender Comrade and Kitty Foyle.... but what do all you lot think??



  1. look at those beautiful ar deco stages and settings, no question, the 20's and 30's was the absolute height of design in America! i was the one lone voter for "Gay Divorcee", but i voted for "Top hat" and "Carefree as well". Swing Time is certainly a swell film and a bit different bcause of being directed by the great George Stevens. "Castle" just doesnt have the zip of the others imo. too serious and slow-paced in comparison. still not bad but cant hold up next to the others. it's really been far too long since i've seen any of these, except i caught the last hour of Roberta on TCM a few months ago. definitely need to revisit them soon!

  2. I say Top Hat is a favourite because in encapsules (sp?) what Fred and Ginger stood for: high style, high glamour, high times. I don't know if "high times" is correct wording, but the whole thing flowed rather nicely. :)
    It is the epitome of their partnership.
    I think Castles didn't do so well in the first place because it was too much of a downer for people who wanted to be more uplifted. Also, it was made in 1939, and to compete with all those other great films made that year? That's difficult! I do think it's a very sweet story, but it's difficult to put it on the ballot against their other films which don't have much in common.
    I actually have a sort of amusing story concerning Tender Comrade... remind me to tell you one day!


  3. I'm not quite sure why Top Hat remains considered the ultimate Fred/Ginger movie...I saw it first of all the films they did together because someone had told me that it was the best, so it has sentimental value because it was my first. Haha, maybe it's like that for everyone.

    Carefree's lovely because Ginger's chading Fred for once, which was swell.

    Aw...The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle woulda gotten my
    s such a sweet little movie, and I love the solo numbers of Ginger's. :)

    Terrific blog, by the way. I've just discovered it.

  4. ...Again, hard to argue with 'Swing Time' as the top pick - VKM's fave is, by default, my fave, too... but I did throw a 'Shall we Dance' vote in - it is the one me and my little girl watch most often, and she seems to enjoy it a bit more than the others, for whatever reason, so it is pretty special to me... I think she likes the supporting cast with all the slapstick going on, and maybe the dogs, too... who knows. AAAnd, I think Ginger singing 'They All Laughed' is just SO cool - may be my favorite song she does... well, 'Let Yourself Go' is high up there, too...

    As for 'The Castles', my take is that since it is a biography of an actual couple, the movie really had to stick with their life story, and was not allowed to be embellished much at all - Irene Castle was the 'advisor' on the movie, and was a real stickler for the overall 'image' portrayed... in fact, she initially did NOT want Ginger to play her, but would be a bit hard to play the role of someone who did NOT want you to play their role - I give Ginger great credit for hanging in on the project.
    Anyway, all that to say the movie obviously was not a 'typical' Ginger/Fred movie, and being the last RKO Ginger/Fred movie, just seems a bit of a 'letdown' to think the franchise does not end on a 'happy' note. It is good to know that 'Barkleys' wraps up the Ginger/Fred franchise in a happy manner.