Friday, 26 June 2009

Going Going Gone.... for a bit!

I'm off on holiday for a week tomorrow! Nowhere exciting but an opportunity to be with my school friends before we all go off to uni/college! I look forward to catching up on everything when I get back...

Having Wonderful Time.....

Beth xx

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Ginger Rogers and the ha-ha!!

Having rewatched several of my favourite Ginger films this week along with a few new ones, I noticed something that amused me greatly! In many of her movies, she does a little laugh a "haha(ha)"!!

Three ha's seems to be the maximum, but it was an amusing quirk which I felt warranted a post. Its the tone of the has which gets me. Its slightly posh sounding, ever so slightly smug, but very very Ginger!

Noticeable ha moments (off the top of my head);
Bachelor mother, in relation to exchanging a duck, and also the final, "You still think I'm this baby's mother? Of Ccourse! "ha-ha"

Carefree, Fred misses the ball "Ha ha ha"

Lady in the Dark, the saga of Jenny, "how can this maid have betryed him? Haha"

Vivacious lady - The Catfight, whilst tearing out Helen's hair "ha ha ha" pulls hair, "ha ha"

There are many more which I will add to this list when I remember them! I enjoyed this oddity very much :)

Monday, 22 June 2009

Two new DVDs!!

Today was a good day, , two lovely new Ginger dvds in jiffy bags (which are always fun :P)
Don't Bet on Love (1933) with Ginger ad second hubby Lew Ayres I watched already. Not a great movie but cute! They made a lovely couple, shame about the pre-nup - though his legs are awful skinny XD!
Have yet to check out Young Man, rather chuffed at this find as its somewhat of an obscurity! Sadly, doesn't work on my TV so have to watch on computer! WIll try and post these to YT or summat asap!
Beth xx

A behind the scenes shot from Young Man of Manhattan! "Cigarette me, big boy" - Puff Randolph (Ginger Rogers)

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Rafter Romance - Week 2

Rafter Romance
Just uploaded it to youtube

The Blurb
Mary Carroll (Rogers) a working girl is forced to share an apartment with a night watchman, Jack Bacon (Foster), as neither can afford their rent. The two share on a shift basis and so never meet, but communicate in note form. Disgusted by the lifestyles of the other, they grow to hate one another, but in the outside unknowingly meet, with hilarious consequences.

Made in 1933 and co-starring Norman Foster, this movie is very very cute. Its a typical 30s romcom and wouldn't win prizes for originality but both the leads put in lovely performances and there are some very funny moments. The note based correspondance between the two characters is a hoot and being pre-code, the romance scenes are slightly freer than in later Ginger films of this type.

Ginger says - "I was delighted to do it. It was like old-home weekagain, especially with Norman Foster, as my leading man" (Ginger, My Story)

Rating (Ginger Scale)

Plot - 15/20 not very original but adequate!
Importance of Ginger - 17/20
Characters - 17/20
The Ginger Factor - 19/20
"X" Factors - 16/20

X factors include - amusing caricatures, "goggle eyed spinster", lovely romance scene, interesting political moments with what appears to be earliest recorded reference to nazism in hollywood, funny moments.

Total 84/100
Grade A!!