Thursday, 8 October 2009

Fred, Cary, David, Douglas, Dennis, Jimmy or Norman??

It's been a while, and I miss the chats we used to have over these... so here goes with

"Favourite Ginger Rogers Leading Man"

There were a lot of these obviously, so I shortened the list based on my preferences and noted films. If you feel any worthy candidate has been missed, comment!!

The options are as follows
1. Fred Astaire
Could not be overlooked. 10 wonderful toe tapping musical extravaganzas make Fred Ginger's most frequent and most famous leading man.... but is he your favourite??

2. Cary Grant
Ginger and this lovely chap had quite a story, really I wish they'd just got married but was not to be! Working toether later in Ginger's career for Monkey Business and Once Upon a Honeymoon. Quite some chemistry!

3. David Niven

Ginger and David were never romantically invilved, which is a fairly rare occurrence if you think about it! Working together three times, does Mr Niven's boyish charm and comedic value make him a winner??

4. Jimmy Stewart
All I can say is what a pairing! Little and large, ligh and dark, SHE SHOULD HAVE MARRIED HIM TOOO! I seem to have become rather opionated!

5. Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
Another non-romantic leading man! Sadly these two only made one film together "Having Wonderful Time", but oh boy don't the sparks fly on eagle rock in the dark.... it's the only time backgammon ever sounded romantic!

6. Norman Foster
Ginger made a few films with Norman, and I always feel there's a certain charm to the pairing. The boat scene in Rafter Romance is so deliciously romantic that to not include Mr Foster seemed stingy.

7. Dennis Morgan
Two words and one number, Wynnewood Strafford VI. Of course there's also Perfect Strangers, but the fact is Kitty and Wyn should have been together!!!
Get voting.... I'm still choosing but swinging Between Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant, for me the real life romance is a clincher!!
Beth xx

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

On copyright!! (This is a humorous post)

Havin returned to find my little catch phrase "Keep it Gingery" a VKMwide phenomena I have been advised to copyright said phrase! This however seemed mean, so instead, I propose the following,

An oath to Ginger must be made, upon which each oathmaker may use the Gingery phrase at their discretion!

Please pledge the following,

I, the undersigned, do solemnly pledge to love Virginia Katherine McMath until age or infirmity rob me of all bodily functions. I hereby swear to promote Gingeryness in the wider community by gabbling on the subject to anyone who expresses a slight interest, and watching as many films as I can fit in to my life. Furthermore,I will fight the injustice by which her name appears only as an attachment to that of Fred Astaire. On June 16th I swear to wear something pink and eat ice cream, in Ginger's memory.

This I do swear, on pain of death at the hand of Lottie Marin!


Beth Stephens

There we go!

I am officially the perpetrator of this contract, so any questions should be directed to me!

Keep it Gingery

Beth xx

Monday, 5 October 2009

Gingering up my room, converting flatmates, and being sorely missed!

Is what I've mainly been up to! The posting drought has been somewhat severe, as I've been very busy settling in and making things beautiful!

Of course my room has generous helpings of VKM, but I had to tidy it before I could delight you all with pictures!!

So without further ado I introduce part 1... Gingering up my room!

Deviating from typical student "posterization" I got some massive Gingerpics printed, framed them and now have one over my bed, and one where I can see it as I wake up!!

This combined with my extensive Ginger DVD rack makes me feel fairly at home!!

I've been raving to my flatmates already about the thirties, musicals and of course Ginger and have so far managed to organize a flat screening of the Major and the Minor/Swingtime for next week.... I've been suprised how many people are interested, slightly concerned they may simply be humoring me though!!

Anyway, to summarise, hopefully I shall be able to post on a regular basis again, hope you missed bu obscure rambling,

Keep it gingery,

Beth XX