Saturday, 30 May 2009

Spotlight Film No. 1

Star of Midnight
Just uploaded it to youtube

This 1935 movie shows Ginger moving from a comic support to a leading lady, but maintains her ever present spunkiness! Co-starring William Powell as a sleuthing lawyer, Ginger is his wise-cracking protege and assistant, who is always one humorous step behind. The plot is clever, suspenseful moments keep it moving. What I particularly liked about the film was the relationship between Ginger and William Powell, which was funny and full of excellent moments dialogue wise! I thought eh Romance was underplayed, making the ending a bit brief, but on the whole is great fun. If you like The Thin Man, give this a go!

Ginger says - "I had always admired Bill Powell and was quite thrilled to be making a movie with him" (Ginger, My Story)

Rating (Ginger Scale)

Plot - 18/20
Importance of Ginger - 16/20
Characters - 14/20
The Ginger Factor - 18/20
"X" Factors - 13/20

X factors include stunning costume moments ( I love the white mink blouse paired with a black skirt!), funny dialogue ans good suspense!

Total 79/100
Grade B!!

A Ginger Scale

While I am currently busy watching new Ginger movies, I've frequently been asked which are my favourites....what a question! Subsequently I decided to invent for myself some sort of scale, so I can rate different aspects of her movies, giving a score which can be used to prioritise viewing! Its clear I have a lot of time on my hands!

Anyway, I worked out the following scale, and starting tomorrow, (saturday) each week I'll post a link to a newly found/uploaded Ginger movie, along with a brief plot summary, my opinions, and my score!

The scores will look as follows, I worked out 5 categories which I judge a movie on. Each is out of 20 and gives a final score off 100!

1. Plot (P)- how convincing and interesting it is, this being v. important to how much I enjoy a movie, It doesnt necessarily have to be very serious, but should move the film along!

2. Importance of Ginger (IG)- I obviously realised that to me and other Ginger fans, films where she is supporting are (generally) less enjoyable, so therefore a mark for how central Ginger is. Mostly she is part of a couple, but if she is the more important of the two, then I have awarded high marks, therefore on the whole, of the Fred/Ginger films, I havent been able to award full marks as he tends to be prioritised!

3. Characters (C) - How likeable the characters are. The instances of Ginger movies I don't much like (eg. It had to be you) stem mainly from the fact that I dont like the character Ginger is playing, regardless of her talents as an actress, if the characters are not likeable, the film doesn't cut it. Also in this category, how the cast as a whole interacts.

4. The Ginger Factor (G) How well Ginger-y she is! Her spunkiness, humour, talent, all the things which make us love her, and how well they are displayed in the film. This si obviously quite a personal category, debates are always fun so feel free to argue!

5 . The "X" Factors (X) - Other things which make the film worth seeing, stunning dresses, dance routines, famous songs, funny moments and novelties! Thos little things which make you think "Wow"!! I'll try and include in my little revies, what these are!

Anyway, this makes a score out of 100 and allows me to fairly decide my top 10!

Here goes... Beth xx

Monday, 25 May 2009

It's officially begun!

My summer holidays have started nome so I have three and a half months to "Find GInger", it's going okay so far, Ive located about 55 of her movies, currently grappling with getting them on to DVD, somewhat tricky, anyway,twice each week, I'll post the lastest film I've seen, do a little bit of a summary, IMDB link, picture and most importantly a link! If its not online, I'm putting it there, midway through posting Star of Midnight and Tom, Dick and Harry, so will start with them asap!

A hint to Ginger Fans! Through the loveliness of youtube user KerrieGrant, I've found a site called, Classic Movie Zone. It's a torrent sharing site, focusing on classic movies, you have to sign up to join it, but its free and has loads of rare Ginger movies such as Rafter Rmance and the Tenderfoot! If interested check it out, sign up, look in the forums and track down Collection, Ginger Rogers!

Beth xx

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Finding Ginger

I have recently become a huge fan of Miss Ginger Rogers, talented, beautiful legend. Through perusing YouTube in search of her work, I have stumbled upon many like minded people, all sharing my passion.

Sadly, the Golden Age to which Ginger belonged is gone, all that is left is films and photographs. These are what we thrive upon, bringing us enjoyment and distracting us from the crass culture of lip-sync, airbrushing, dubbing and the many millions of takes modern "actors" require to make a movie.

Anyway, to summarise, I decided to start this blog, in which I hope to chart my search for the films of Ginger Rogers, in the hope that others read it, contribute to it, and that it will ultimately become a place where those who love Ginger can discuss her life and work, and find movies of her that they need to see.

I hope you will join me

Beth xx

Words of wisdom;
“My love for ice cream emerged at an early age--and has never left!” Ginger Rogers