Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Ginger Rogers and the ha-ha!!

Having rewatched several of my favourite Ginger films this week along with a few new ones, I noticed something that amused me greatly! In many of her movies, she does a little laugh a "haha(ha)"!!

Three ha's seems to be the maximum, but it was an amusing quirk which I felt warranted a post. Its the tone of the has which gets me. Its slightly posh sounding, ever so slightly smug, but very very Ginger!

Noticeable ha moments (off the top of my head);
Bachelor mother, in relation to exchanging a duck, and also the final, "You still think I'm this baby's mother? Of Ccourse! "ha-ha"

Carefree, Fred misses the ball "Ha ha ha"

Lady in the Dark, the saga of Jenny, "how can this maid have betryed him? Haha"

Vivacious lady - The Catfight, whilst tearing out Helen's hair "ha ha ha" pulls hair, "ha ha"

There are many more which I will add to this list when I remember them! I enjoyed this oddity very much :)


  1. Ginger is awesome! i havent watched any of her films in a while but your blog is making me hanker to see a few! i love her early days at Warner bros in things like "42nd Street", "Goldiggers of 1933" and that super silly Joe E Brown film "You Said a Mouthful"

    "ear-way in the uneee-may" - gotta love Ginger singing in pig latin!

  2. haha yup, I love 42nd street, havent seen all of golddiggers, and you said a mouthful is okayy very very silly and a good laugh!! she really could do anything, EVEN pig latin in style!!

  3. years ago i hadnt seen many of her films and didnt really think much of her but after i saw Stage Door, i was like, holy crap, she's awesome! after that i developed a whole new appreciation for her as an actress, a dancer and as a genuine hollywood beauty too! there's still quite a few of her films i havent seen though so i gotta get crackin on that! and you gotta get crackin and see all of Goldiggers!!!

  4. I love the ha-ha! Its definitely one of her signatures. When I read your post, Ginger's voice immediately popped in my head with a "ha ha ha". However, I can't seem to remember which movie the one in my head is from. I feel like it might be from Carefree, but I'm not sure. This is going to bother me!

    Anyways, this post brought a smile to my face : ) Ginger is tops in my book.

  5. artman... I do intend to watch goldiggers asap! I feel a bit of a failed ginger obsessive as I havent seen one v. significant picture, but its hard to find., the yt one is missing all the sound :( I was lucky, my ginger experience began with swing time, stage door, ktty foyle and top hat! SO I got straight to the amazing conclusion!

    Geneveive - theres only on thing for it... youll have to watch em all :P sounds like carefree, otherwise its normally just two "ha" s!!


  6. which film are you referring to Beth??

    btw Carefree is one of my fave of hers! - Paulie

  7. artman - the one I havent seen which is significant is Gold DIggers, other than that (and sitting pretty) I've seen every single film she made between 1933 and 1949! I love Carfree too! Its so underrated, especially by Fred & Ginger fans.

  8. I thought about this too! I think the Vivacious Lady one is the best. But the Bachelor Mother one is pretty good too. Well who am I kidding, they're all good!

    I also noticed in how many films she acts younger than she is, like The Major and The Minor, Monkey Business, parts of Kitty Foyle. Then you can sort of include Primrose Path and Heartbeat in that.

    And I also noticed she likes to dance with her shoulders shrugged. I love all her idiosyncrasies! I have no idea how to spell that word either!


  9. I am a big fan of the 'Ha..Ha..Ha.' That would make a killer ringtone... Also, there was a period where she uses a funny "hello' when she answers the phone - the one I remember most is towards the end of 'Major and the Minor' - when the Major is coming by and Ginger says she is 'Su-Su's mother' - the 'hello' is just a quirky little thing, but it gets me every time!

  10. I am an avid early musicals fan and mad about Ginger Rogers (At age 84? Shame on you!)and am sadly missing her first starring film - SITTING PRETTY. I desperately want it in either VHS or DVD format. I would also like to be reminded of the Blog which has several clips from it; can't find it again! Can anyone help? Patrick Taylor. (

  11. PoetPatrick - welcome to the 'GingerRing'... My blog is 'Gingerology' - honestly I have never posted video clips, but do some pics... but there are plenty of blogs which do have videos - just click on my 'avatar' picture beside this entry and a list of blogs I follow pop up - most deal with varying degrees of Ginger, and each one is pretty awesome in their own way!
    PS - 'Sitting Pretty' can be found for purchase on '', which is kind of a 'eBay' type sirtte - it could well be on eBay, also.... one thing, tho - of all the Ginger folks who have it (including myself), the consensus is that the copy is pretty is watchable, but not by too much...the unfortunate result of an 80 year old movie that hasn't been restored...but a true Ginger fan can work thru it!
    Welcome to the club! Gingerologists Unite!!!