Thursday, 8 October 2009

Fred, Cary, David, Douglas, Dennis, Jimmy or Norman??

It's been a while, and I miss the chats we used to have over these... so here goes with

"Favourite Ginger Rogers Leading Man"

There were a lot of these obviously, so I shortened the list based on my preferences and noted films. If you feel any worthy candidate has been missed, comment!!

The options are as follows
1. Fred Astaire
Could not be overlooked. 10 wonderful toe tapping musical extravaganzas make Fred Ginger's most frequent and most famous leading man.... but is he your favourite??

2. Cary Grant
Ginger and this lovely chap had quite a story, really I wish they'd just got married but was not to be! Working toether later in Ginger's career for Monkey Business and Once Upon a Honeymoon. Quite some chemistry!

3. David Niven

Ginger and David were never romantically invilved, which is a fairly rare occurrence if you think about it! Working together three times, does Mr Niven's boyish charm and comedic value make him a winner??

4. Jimmy Stewart
All I can say is what a pairing! Little and large, ligh and dark, SHE SHOULD HAVE MARRIED HIM TOOO! I seem to have become rather opionated!

5. Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
Another non-romantic leading man! Sadly these two only made one film together "Having Wonderful Time", but oh boy don't the sparks fly on eagle rock in the dark.... it's the only time backgammon ever sounded romantic!

6. Norman Foster
Ginger made a few films with Norman, and I always feel there's a certain charm to the pairing. The boat scene in Rafter Romance is so deliciously romantic that to not include Mr Foster seemed stingy.

7. Dennis Morgan
Two words and one number, Wynnewood Strafford VI. Of course there's also Perfect Strangers, but the fact is Kitty and Wyn should have been together!!!
Get voting.... I'm still choosing but swinging Between Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant, for me the real life romance is a clincher!!
Beth xx

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

On copyright!! (This is a humorous post)

Havin returned to find my little catch phrase "Keep it Gingery" a VKMwide phenomena I have been advised to copyright said phrase! This however seemed mean, so instead, I propose the following,

An oath to Ginger must be made, upon which each oathmaker may use the Gingery phrase at their discretion!

Please pledge the following,

I, the undersigned, do solemnly pledge to love Virginia Katherine McMath until age or infirmity rob me of all bodily functions. I hereby swear to promote Gingeryness in the wider community by gabbling on the subject to anyone who expresses a slight interest, and watching as many films as I can fit in to my life. Furthermore,I will fight the injustice by which her name appears only as an attachment to that of Fred Astaire. On June 16th I swear to wear something pink and eat ice cream, in Ginger's memory.

This I do swear, on pain of death at the hand of Lottie Marin!


Beth Stephens

There we go!

I am officially the perpetrator of this contract, so any questions should be directed to me!

Keep it Gingery

Beth xx

Monday, 5 October 2009

Gingering up my room, converting flatmates, and being sorely missed!

Is what I've mainly been up to! The posting drought has been somewhat severe, as I've been very busy settling in and making things beautiful!

Of course my room has generous helpings of VKM, but I had to tidy it before I could delight you all with pictures!!

So without further ado I introduce part 1... Gingering up my room!

Deviating from typical student "posterization" I got some massive Gingerpics printed, framed them and now have one over my bed, and one where I can see it as I wake up!!

This combined with my extensive Ginger DVD rack makes me feel fairly at home!!

I've been raving to my flatmates already about the thirties, musicals and of course Ginger and have so far managed to organize a flat screening of the Major and the Minor/Swingtime for next week.... I've been suprised how many people are interested, slightly concerned they may simply be humoring me though!!

Anyway, to summarise, hopefully I shall be able to post on a regular basis again, hope you missed bu obscure rambling,

Keep it gingery,

Beth XX

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Today I learned the charleston...

I finally persuaded my dance teacher to teach us the charleston... and I was easily the best, I even threw in a couple of moves from that deleted Roxie HArt scene and the I Love Lucy Clip.... I'm sure Ginger would have been proud!

The header picture is the beginning of an idea. I want a new header, and my plan is to use the one of GInger escaping the car, and cleverly photo impose the rest of the car, and on the otherside of the car, me, all decked out in my 30s gear, magnifying glass in hand as though I'm actually "Finding Ginger". I'm quite excited and am currently trying to find a car that wont look to hideously out of keeping with the rest of the picture... let me know what you think!

Beth xx

Monday, 14 September 2009

Long time, no post.... Ginger's accordion?!

Life's been rather busy over in the Uk, following a fairly horrendous grounding in which wireless network was turned off, I am now in the midst of a college packing frenzy, computer changing shenanigans, and a whole load of emotional goodbyes. Anyway, I apologise for my lengthy absence. I have all sorts of wonderful things planned during my absence which I will try to post in between farewell lunches and file transfers, but for now....

I found this interesting picture of Ginger whicle browsing google for suitable Ginger pics to have posterised

Now as far as I know, Ginger never played the accordion, so imagine my suprise to see Ginger on a list of well known accordionists on the "Noted accordion Players" page of the Western New York Accordian club! I'm guessing it was a publicity shot and that the "NY accordian club" found it and got a bit confused.... otherwise Ginger had a secret talent for the accordian which she failed to mention, well, anywhere! What do we think - discuss?

Missed you all

Beth xx

PS - Congratualtions to jw on his baby son - check out pics over on Gingerology!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

A day for pictures, and a call for last votes!

Another insane week in Beth land with college admissions and theater trips going in to overdrive. I've only had the chance to watch two Ginger films so far.... but on the plus.... I think I'm converting my sister!! So here are some more pictures for you. A quick heads up for you all to check out a picture of "Bearded Lady" Ginger over at Maggies Film Journal.

Here goes with some new Gingerpic findings!

More to follow shortly when I finally get my life in order. Thoough I do currently have some exciting news.... the elusive fourteen has dwindled to six!! I have found all but six of Gingers films and am very very very excited!!

Also went to see "Wicked" yesterday which was truly incredible!

Beth xx

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Blonde or Brunette... that is the question

This weeks poll is simple... is Ginger more lovely as a blonde bombshell, or a sultry brunette.

FOr the purposes of simplicity I'm ignoring the fact that "technically" she's a redehead in some movies (eg. Swingtime) or theat she got old and went white (coz who's going to vote for that). We're talking black and white screen godess, do we prefer blonde or brunette.

I decided I wouldn't post the option of both, so a decision is necessary.... and tell us why... we all want to know why you chose what you chose!

Personally, I am undecided... so here arre some pictures to help me, and the rest of you, to decide....

Happy pondering!


Have fun choosing.... I can't decide :S

Beth xx

Well now... another poll is over :)

I wasn't really sure how to wrap this poll up.... so I've just posted the pictures and taken them outta the old post, and tried to summarise each one in my own way... here goes....


"Hearts and arrows", from Carefree
The day dress every Ginger-loving girl wants... and some of the guys too!! Somehow this dress manages to be elegant, alluring, demure and rather cutely kitsch all in one go! Combined with the Oscar worthy "dream", "snarling" and escapades involving a huge pane of glass and kicking a police officer, this number is the very best of Ginger. Down to earth, witty and so darn attractive!

In a close second...

"It's a cape!"
A slow starter on the voting front, this Swing time number soon climbed to the top of the pack. Timelessly classy, this white gown is elevated by Ginger's superb facial expressions following "the kiss" (possibly my favourite Ginger moment ever!), not to mention the sublime song and dance of "Never Gonna Dance". And doesn't it just move divinely?

In a well deserved third "Feathers"

Despite Fred's claim thet Ginger "looked like a chicken being attacked by a coyote", this dress is stunning. The way it moves, the way it clings in all the right places, and the fact that Ginger designed the dress herself (and fought hard for it) make it an unforgettable ensemble. "I had designed the dres, and I WAS GOING to wear it" You tell 'em Miss Rogers!

Tied in fourth "the "Jenny Dress", "Continental" and "Station Spectacular" from Lady in the Dark, The Gay Divorcee and The Major and the Minor respectively.

"Mink and Sequins" made what is, according to Ginger, a very heavy dress... but she never showed an iota of strain. Apart from being dazzling and in keeping with the surreal cicus, we get a solo song and dance from Ginger, and a good view of those legs... the best of all time? Entirely possible!

"Contrast Couture" is a stunning number, benefiting from its stunning monnochrome art deco set, but divine in its own right. We get the second Ginger solo song of the Astaire Rogers partnership, plus a twenty minute visual extravaganza with some wonderful moves. Altogether, a heavenly package.

"Station Spectacular" is perhaps the simplest of the outfits listed, and perhaps this is why we love it. This was the outfit that proved that Ginger didnt need sequins or feathers to blow us away. The white hat and coat, the simplicity... it demonstrates that the girl next door is just as beautiful as the stage personality. Plus, I love the hat!

"The Fur Blouse" of Star of Midnight deserves a mention, just because I'm not convinced anyone else has ever worn... and definitely not pulled of a fur blouse before. I mean the very idea is very strange. I love it however, and as Lauren noted... it's a truly extraordinary piece of tailoring!

Next weeks poll is a simple one of two options, but far less simple in the choosing... which I'l post later tonight.... the ultimate Ginger Rogers hair colour.... (check out jwalkers post on Ginger's brunette phase at "Gingerology")

The internal turmoil has left me (as yet) undecided....

Beth xx

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Findings, a song from the heart, and last chance to vote!

I finally tracked down today Forever Female and Perfect Stranger! This pretty much mad my week. I feel I've been quit e a neglectful blog mother these last few weeks so will hopefully make amends over the next wee while by posting a plethora of interesting ( well at least in my opinion) Gingerish trivia, pictures and clips.

For now, have not much to offer, except that I'm midway through my first ever movie clip medley to the absolutely sublime Kern/Hammerstein ballad " All the Things You Are". If you've never heard this song, please listen!This is a modern version from Mrs Henderson Presents sung by Will Young which is truly beautiful, and to me, could be about Ginger.

The chorus lyrics describe her perfectly

"You are, the promised kiss of springtime, which makes the lonely winters seem long
You are, the breathless hush of evening that lingers on the brink of a lovely song
You are the angel glow that lights a star
The dearest things I know are what you are"

To me, this song is a perfect embodiment of all Miss Rogers represents, not to mention beautiful Jerome Kern lyrics, a perfect melody...basically love in the form of music!

Yes I do love it a lot!!


Beth xx

Monday, 3 August 2009

Poll Number 3 - Favourite Ginger outfit

At the suggestion of Lauren (The Ginger List/Greyscale) we attempt the tricky tricky question of the ultimate Ginger dress/outfit. I apologise for the delay in this arrival but thought it would need pictures for those who had perhaps not seen certain movies. Making the shortlist was hard, some outfits were requested, and if supported by a genuine glamour ( and lets face it most everything Ginger wore was glamorous). So the list is as follows.

"Feathers" - Cheek to Cheek - Top Hat (1935)

"Sequins and Mink" - The Saga of Jenny - Lady in the Dark (1944) "Hearts and Arrows" - Carefree (1938) "Assembly Dress" - The Assembly - Kitty Foyle (1940) I couldn't find a good picture of this dress and a screenshot was inpossible as you never see the whole front, but I love it so it's in XD
"Contrast Couture" - The Continental - The Gay Divorcee (1934)
"Station Spectacular" - Final scene - The Major and the Minor (1942) "It's A Cape" - Never Gonna Dance - Swing Time (1936) "Fur Blouse" - Star of Midnight (1935)
Get voting, I've enabled multiple votes as personally, I have a winner for formalwear and a winner for daywear and theyre not really in the same category so I couldn't choose.... let me know what you think and why you chose what you chose. For me, it's the Continental dress, for the evening, the heart suit from Carefree for the day, and the white fur outfit from Star of Midnight for sheer glamour and unusual day/night crossover outfit! I also had to vote for the assembly dress of Kitty Foyle as I truly adore it (having Just rewatched the movie!) so its an indecisive week for me!

Beth xx

Friday, 31 July 2009

"Never Gonna Dance".... :(

Tomorrow marks the very end of my dance career as it were. My final performance with my current dance group, a quartet at the All-England finals in London. Again sorry to deviate from Ginger, but this competotions the reason for my prolonged absence and the imminent end has brought about bittersweet emotions. Maybe in later life I'll end up on stage again.... nothings final.

Anyway, back to Ginger. Well ish! I don't really get sage fright, but I find channelling Gnger helps. Somehow thinking about that performance quality she exudes at all times makes my dancing better. I won a silver medal today!

Now to make up for a non- Gingery post I've added in a few Ginger pictures I've recently come across !

I really do hope I can age as well as GInger... i found this which was apparently taken in the '80s!

Beth xx

Monday, 27 July 2009

Poll Results - and a notice of temporary absence!

Just thought I'd let you all know that I'm very busy this week and next week with the finals of the All England Dance competition. I managed to qualify several dances so am up in London rehearsing/erforming most of the week so any posts will be few and far between!

But on to more interesting topics! The results for "Your Favourite Fred and Ginger Romantic Duet"


With a huge lead in first place (50% of the vote) we have the ever wonderful "Never Gonna Dance" from Swing Time (1936). Whether it's the emotion, the dress, those turns up the stairs or the song.... theres just someting about it that's special!
Tied in second place, Cole Porter's sublime "Night and Day" from The Gay Divorcee (1934), the wonderful melody combined with our first entirely Fred and Ginger extravaganza, the sea, the sensuality....

Also in second place, the infamous "Cheek to Cheek" from Top Hat (1935), which I will always think of as the feathers number! Somehow, knowing about the argument actually makes it more fun to watch rather thah detracting from the mood, Ginger really was sparky! <>

Apart from this, it's a swell song (if anyone would like to hear a charming rendition of Ginger singing it from a rare recording, it is the backing on this video on YT, and the dance is as per usual, top class :)

In third place, again tied, are "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" from Roberta (1935) and "They Can't Take That Away From Me" from The Barkleys of Broadway (1949).

The second could almost (as a reader noted on an earlier post) be considered their signature tune, appearing in two films, written by Gershwin with the pair of them in mind (the line "The way you sing off key" was apparently a private joke with Ginger who occasionally wavered from the tune!) and a perfectly costumed and staged number spelling out the end of an era. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes is in many senses the reverse, they were barely beginning as a partnership having done only one film as the first billing, and I think this particular number sets the tone for what is to come, thir elegance, the electricity between them... perfection in a dance number!

And finally, In joint 4th position, "Let's Face the Music and Dance", Follow the Fleet (1936), "Change Partners" Carefree (1938) and The Final Waltz" of The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle (1939). I dont have time to write on these just now, but will hopefully expand any rate, they're all beautiful, and there's no such thing as bad Fred and Ginger!