Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Today I learned the charleston...

I finally persuaded my dance teacher to teach us the charleston... and I was easily the best, I even threw in a couple of moves from that deleted Roxie HArt scene and the I Love Lucy Clip.... I'm sure Ginger would have been proud!

The header picture is the beginning of an idea. I want a new header, and my plan is to use the one of GInger escaping the car, and cleverly photo impose the rest of the car, and on the otherside of the car, me, all decked out in my 30s gear, magnifying glass in hand as though I'm actually "Finding Ginger". I'm quite excited and am currently trying to find a car that wont look to hideously out of keeping with the rest of the picture... let me know what you think!

Beth xx

Monday, 14 September 2009

Long time, no post.... Ginger's accordion?!

Life's been rather busy over in the Uk, following a fairly horrendous grounding in which wireless network was turned off, I am now in the midst of a college packing frenzy, computer changing shenanigans, and a whole load of emotional goodbyes. Anyway, I apologise for my lengthy absence. I have all sorts of wonderful things planned during my absence which I will try to post in between farewell lunches and file transfers, but for now....

I found this interesting picture of Ginger whicle browsing google for suitable Ginger pics to have posterised

Now as far as I know, Ginger never played the accordion, so imagine my suprise to see Ginger on a list of well known accordionists on the "Noted accordion Players" page of the Western New York Accordian club! I'm guessing it was a publicity shot and that the "NY accordian club" found it and got a bit confused.... otherwise Ginger had a secret talent for the accordian which she failed to mention, well, anywhere! What do we think - discuss?

Missed you all

Beth xx

PS - Congratualtions to jw on his baby son - check out pics over on Gingerology!