Monday, 26 April 2010


So there are 7 minutes of the anniversary of Ginger's death left here in the UK. I remembered her by watching for the first time 'Upperworld', the only film in which Ginger's character dies. I have been waiting for the appropriate time to watch this, and this seemed perfect.

I don't really want to add too much to this post, partially as there are only now 5 minutes remaining, but partially because while today is a celebration of the time Miss Rogers spent here, I feel it's a quieter occasion.

So this is what I've to say.

Thank you. For the moments of joy you afford each of us, for your legacy, for the sacrifice of much of your life to the service of others. But most of all, thank you for remaining true to yourself, there were those who hated you for it, there are those who never understood it, but for maintaining joy, integrity and pride in what you did, there is yet to be your equal.

On this day, know that we remember you.

And that we will keep on keeping it Gingery.

Beth XX