Monday, 26 April 2010


So there are 7 minutes of the anniversary of Ginger's death left here in the UK. I remembered her by watching for the first time 'Upperworld', the only film in which Ginger's character dies. I have been waiting for the appropriate time to watch this, and this seemed perfect.

I don't really want to add too much to this post, partially as there are only now 5 minutes remaining, but partially because while today is a celebration of the time Miss Rogers spent here, I feel it's a quieter occasion.

So this is what I've to say.

Thank you. For the moments of joy you afford each of us, for your legacy, for the sacrifice of much of your life to the service of others. But most of all, thank you for remaining true to yourself, there were those who hated you for it, there are those who never understood it, but for maintaining joy, integrity and pride in what you did, there is yet to be your equal.

On this day, know that we remember you.

And that we will keep on keeping it Gingery.

Beth XX


  1. Well put Beth!
    I recently saw Upperworld and being a Ginger fan I was kind of let down by the ending...needless to say I didnt record it when it showed up during the Star of the Month marathon!

    But seriously, how many other stars have such a dedicated fan base as Ginger? But as I always say - it could be worse. Atleast she was a good person with a good head on her shoulders and A LOT of talent!

    I myself celebrated Ginger with a new personal favorite - Primrose Path. Weve still got about 4 hours left here there's still time to pop in maybe It Had To Be You!

  2. ..Amen and Amen, Sister Beth! :-] BTW, a BIG thanks to YOU, for my direct inspiration to crank up the Gingerology blog, as well as the invite to 'Gorg', which obviously took my study of Gingerology to another level... I remember the first time I saw the header pic you have had since day one, Ginger is just looking as if to say..." know, YOU could start up a Ginger blog, too, Huey..." and resistance was futile for Huey at that point...

    BTW, SG...don't get Beth started on IHTBY... she pretty much shares the same feelings on that one as I do, believe it or not... although, she may have somewhat 'mellowed' in her assessment of it, like I have...

    Honestly, not watched any Ginger today... probably needed to, but would be quite melancholy, if not downright depressing for just gets to me, I don't know... but y'all understand...

    KIG forevermore...


  3. Really, okay! More copies of IHTBY for me! I am amazed how easily Cornel Wilde slipped into the comedy roles when he usually played dramatic!

  4. Bleurghhhhh.... I still find that film hard to stomach, I admire Ginger for being able to keep a straight face, but overall I just hate the concept, and the execution, and most of the wardrobe choices!

  5. ...everybody has one or two that don't fly for them... for example, SG, you seem to be at best 'nonplussed' by Roxie, while I, on the other hand, have it in my top 5 ALL-TIME Ginger movies... so there you go...
    Just remember...a mediorce Ginger movie still is... GINGER!