Monday, 14 September 2009

Long time, no post.... Ginger's accordion?!

Life's been rather busy over in the Uk, following a fairly horrendous grounding in which wireless network was turned off, I am now in the midst of a college packing frenzy, computer changing shenanigans, and a whole load of emotional goodbyes. Anyway, I apologise for my lengthy absence. I have all sorts of wonderful things planned during my absence which I will try to post in between farewell lunches and file transfers, but for now....

I found this interesting picture of Ginger whicle browsing google for suitable Ginger pics to have posterised

Now as far as I know, Ginger never played the accordion, so imagine my suprise to see Ginger on a list of well known accordionists on the "Noted accordion Players" page of the Western New York Accordian club! I'm guessing it was a publicity shot and that the "NY accordian club" found it and got a bit confused.... otherwise Ginger had a secret talent for the accordian which she failed to mention, well, anywhere! What do we think - discuss?

Missed you all

Beth xx

PS - Congratualtions to jw on his baby son - check out pics over on Gingerology!


  1. It was a publicity shot. Came across this photo prhaps a year ago, but I'll try to find the site again. Fingers crossed it's still up.

    I think it's adorable though. :) :)

  2. I was just amused by her inclusion on a list of well known accordianists, amongst many others who actually were... well well known accordianists! Those were the days, forget loreal, you could advertise accordions! xx

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Beth!

    Again, good to hear you are getting things rolling...change is always a big 'stress-out', but it is seldom as bad as you fear! Hope everything goes along smoothly and effortlessly!!!

    ...Now, as for Ginger on accordion, just not sure if she played or not... but would not be surprised in the least if she did... she did play piano, we all are pretty confident of that, so an accordion would not be a mondo stretch for her... I'll put it this way - until someone proves otherwise, I am assuming she could crank out 'Beer Barrel Polka' in double time, backwards and in high heels!!!

    But, whatever her level of accordion expertise, I do love the pic...and yes, it would ROCK as a poster-size!

  4. I play the accordion too! I have two of them. The one I purchased recently kind of looks like the one in these pictures!

    Here's a colorized picture from the same shoot.

  5. HAHA I love this picture. I saw this one on Google.
    Doesn't the accordion seem sort of heavy? Would be neat to play though!


  6. PS jwalker you are hilarious! "I am assuming she could crank out 'Beer Barrel Polka' in double time, backwards and in high heels" AHAHAHA.
    AHAHA mondo! That sounds like me, I use that word all the time!


  7. Thanks Lauren... you may be shocked to learn I was voted Class Clown of my graduating class :-P ...
    The more I look at that pic, I can see some dude back in the 40's or whenever this was, coming home with a pink accordion for his wife, who knows nothing of how to play a squeezebox...
    "But honey! Ginger plays one! Maybe if YOU learned how to play, then you would be more like... that is... er... let me re-phrase that... um... is that a new dress, honey???"

  8. ...PS - 'mondo', while uncertain of its exact point of origin (perhaps surfer dudes from the 60's?), was used quite extensively in the 80's... 1980's, that is... good to see all the 'retro' words from my youth are coming back, along with vinyl records and bright neon colored clothing...well, I could really do without the bright neon colored clothing, but if y'all dig it, then that is just GNARLY...(betcha haven't heard THAT one!'s an 80's wouldn't understand... nor probably would want to, trust me... :-] )

  9. HAHA my uncle uses gnarly sometimes!
    If I'm using it, it doesn't necessarily mean the words are 'coming back' as I'm notorious for using 'strange' words as my friends say.
    You are describing exactly what Urban Outfitters has in the front of their store! Ahahahaha! I don't wear neon coloured clothing but there are plenty of other people who do!
    In terms of dressing I don't fit in with California style at all! I cannot just wear a big t-shirt and jean shorts. I can't do it.
    Now back to the accordion, does Fred play? Didn't he play it in Flying Down to Rio?


  10. Fred was a bona fide accordian playing whizz kid! And I use gnarly, but I'm toally with Lauren. Us gingernuts dont tend to fit in fashion wise. All my friends belong to the skinny jeans and shirt brigade, and will show up at a cocktail party in exactly that. I show up at any event, usually in a dress, mostly vintage and wear heels and a hat whenever I can get away with it! xx

  11. ...Good to know the 80's neon trend may be ill-fated in its efforts to be revived...
    Also glad to hear the 'Ginger style' is being preserved!
    Of course, I really don't delve too much in fashion... if I can just get my two socks to match, I consider it a fortunate day...

  12. 'if I can just get my two socks to match, I consider it a fortunate day...'
    You might be better off if you turn the light on before you choose your socks. :)
    You all probably will not be interested to know that I don't own any long blue jeans. I needed shorts because of my summer camp job, but besides that I don't wear them that often.

    @ jwalker:
    'I really don't delve too much in fashion...'
    THAT is the issue I'm having, I've noticed that many people like Ginger but don't necessarily get into fashion (Ginger and fashion are two peas in a pod by the way), but then MY problem is I have no one to share my Ginger Adrian clothing victory with! The most excited person was my mother, and she despises Ginger.

    But regarding socks, I definitely have two that are NOT a pair, but I cannot find their mates for the life of me!

    Oh my I could talk 'til the next full moon, but I shall truncate A- because I'm hungry, B- because I'm tired, and C- because I really should be sleeping but there's a whole series of events keeping me up that should not be included here in a truncated message!


  13. Lauren -
    Well, there's no doubt that Ginger was a clothes hound (which has always been a weird expression to me, BTW) - but heck, if I found anything that Ginger had owned, or worn for a movie or whatever, it would just be KILLER! So, that is just insane that you found that...congratualtions!!! ...actually, I still would like to know where the stuff from her ice cream fountain went!

  14. I WANT to say she did,according to her book she may have at an early age while doing vaudeville... but it's been so long since I've read her book I am not sure. Either way it is a cute picture!