Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Photoshooting, vintage stylee (well partly!)

Last week I got the opportunity to go and have some professional photos shot for free (lucky me!). I got to shoot three outfits and wanted to show various sides of myself, so here's what's what!

Of course Ginger was gonna impact on my look, had a nice chat with the makeup lady about managing my curls, in to more of a thirties style, but keeping it me-ish. She said she was just relieved I didn't want Cheryl Cole hair, as she's already done that 5 times that morning!! Make-upwise I originally thought, I'll go all forties glamour, but then when I chose my outfits, it didnt seem right to wear such heavy make-up. In the end, I asked for, forties movie star on a day off, just to highlight my eyes rather than really make them up, and for a bolder than natural lip colour, but not a bright red, as being a pale skinned creature, this makes me look vampiric. Here's a resulting headshot.

Outfit wise, I went for one vintage look, with a dress I found in a charity shop, seamed stockings, red midheels which are modern but vintage in style and this cutesy necklace I got for christmas.

Then I went for a more eveningy look with a dress my mamma got me for Christmas, which I love, and some killer heels I found in the sales, I have a major shoe lust going on at the moment, and needed an excuse to break these babies out. In the end, I didn't like a lot of these pictures as the photographer made me pose in ways that weren't commfortable, and it showed in my face.

Lastly I wanted to do a more casual look, so I wore a chose a huge sweater from Topshop, Black tights, and some '40s kid style flats I picked up in a vintage shop in London, these are probably some of my favourite shots!
All of course topped with my signature hair ribbon! If anyone stuck with this rather epic post, then thanks for reading!
Hopefully shall be back soon with something exciting and Gingery to say...
Beth XX


  1. gorgeous!!!! You look very Ginger-esque, especially in that last pic. Wonderful!

  2. Great pictures. Your hair and makeup look wonderful.

  3. Yup definately get a sense of Ginger in these! Gorgeous!

  4. These are just AWESOME, Beth!

    I TRULY see the 'Inner Ginger' coming out! Glad to see you are having fun!!! AND, hope you are well!

    Keep It Gingery!!!

    VKMfan (Huey)

  5. Aw, the photos are incredible and, the hair and your bight bright eyes are just gorgeous!

  6. These are just lovely, LOVE your hair! :)

  7. Oh you are so beautiful, your eyes are so big and gorgeous! You look wonderful in these photos, i especially love the hair xx

  8. Hello :)
    These pictures are really beautiful. I love your shoes on the last

  9. Love the pics!!.. as i have naturally curly hair.. do you mind t share the tips shared with you.. and perhaps mention what product you may be using?.. thanks lady!

  10. Love the flats you're wearing in the casual look! Great pics. :)

  11. You are so beautiful!! You're like the modern version of Ginger Rogers! I adore your curls. Not many women can pull off that look!