Monday, 24 May 2010

In my period of uselessness....

Some other wonderful people on facebook have tracked down some Ginger pics that I haven't seen before, so I thought I'd post em here for y'all to enjoy who don't have facebook!For whatever reason, the images wont shrink to fit, so click to see the whole picture!
Ginger and Deanna Durbin, looking lovely in black.
Ginger with Perry Como at a Radio recording, looking cute and '50s in an up-do and massive skirt!

And while this is a familiar set up, I just love the facial expressions from bothe her and Levant of the set of 'Barkleys'

And finally, a super cute shot of her being surprised by Jimmy Stewart with a camera, outside what is preumably the 'Ginger Rogers' dressing room on the RKO lot. They look so happy (I still secretly wish they'd got married!).

Keep it Gingery y'all.


  1. Love the Perry Como pic! Aw man! You spoiled my fun! I was going to post that one of Ginger and Oscar in the next few days! Its from a book about the Freed MGM musicals that I'm reading. Theres a chapter about Barkleys in it - mostly how Judy Garland had to be let go and Ginger replaced her and then it talks about the day Judy showed up on the set and started causing problems.

  2. All of these totally RULE! I have not seen a one of these... LOVE all of them, but I honestly like the one with her and Oscar...well, of HER (Oscar can jam on the piano, but really isn't much to look at :-] )... I love the way her hair curls in that one... and even though it kinda does the 'middle part' deal, it WORKS here...
    And yes, Ging and JS should have been a old married Hollywood couple... no doubt.... well, CK DexterHaven could have had something to say about it, but I guess that got hashed out...

    KIG! Y'all! heh heh... thanks again, Beth!!!


  3. Always grand to see more Ginger. As an aside, it jarred be a bit to read "wish they'd got married" (although I do too!) We here in the states more typically would say "wish they'd gotten married." I remember reading that you Brits lost the "gotten" sometime early last century. Oh, funny language.

  4. SassyGinger-- what MGM book are you reading, pray tell? Sounds marvelous.

    And that Perry Como picture with Ginger is faaantastic.

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