Saturday, 8 August 2009

Findings, a song from the heart, and last chance to vote!

I finally tracked down today Forever Female and Perfect Stranger! This pretty much mad my week. I feel I've been quit e a neglectful blog mother these last few weeks so will hopefully make amends over the next wee while by posting a plethora of interesting ( well at least in my opinion) Gingerish trivia, pictures and clips.

For now, have not much to offer, except that I'm midway through my first ever movie clip medley to the absolutely sublime Kern/Hammerstein ballad " All the Things You Are". If you've never heard this song, please listen!This is a modern version from Mrs Henderson Presents sung by Will Young which is truly beautiful, and to me, could be about Ginger.

The chorus lyrics describe her perfectly

"You are, the promised kiss of springtime, which makes the lonely winters seem long
You are, the breathless hush of evening that lingers on the brink of a lovely song
You are the angel glow that lights a star
The dearest things I know are what you are"

To me, this song is a perfect embodiment of all Miss Rogers represents, not to mention beautiful Jerome Kern lyrics, a perfect melody...basically love in the form of music!

Yes I do love it a lot!!


Beth xx


  1. ...Glad to hear from you Beth!!! Hope all is well!
    That is a marvelous tune - I can see Ginger all through that... I just need to learn how to do a 'clip' deal... so many great songs, and so many great Ginger moments!
    looks like 'the Cape' has made a strong comeback! But 'Heart and Arrows' will be hard to beat. Look forward to your synopsis of the results!!! JW

  2. !!! Can you post Forever Female on G so I don't have to do a VHS rip?? :D Please? :D


  3. Those pictures are divine. Wow, Forever Female and Perfect Stranger? Have you watched them yet? :)

  4. um... I know this isn't on topic, sorry - but..HELP! I have finally downloaded the 'uTorrent' program - tried to 'get' one off of 'G' last night, but it was VERY slow - like, 1% per HOUR! I just cancelled it afer a couple of it supposed to be quicker? I have cable feed and everything - I am pretty sure my settings are out of whack. If anyone has info, it would be deeply appreciated! again, sorry for (yet another) 'de-railment', Beth... JW