Thursday, 20 August 2009

A day for pictures, and a call for last votes!

Another insane week in Beth land with college admissions and theater trips going in to overdrive. I've only had the chance to watch two Ginger films so far.... but on the plus.... I think I'm converting my sister!! So here are some more pictures for you. A quick heads up for you all to check out a picture of "Bearded Lady" Ginger over at Maggies Film Journal.

Here goes with some new Gingerpic findings!

More to follow shortly when I finally get my life in order. Thoough I do currently have some exciting news.... the elusive fourteen has dwindled to six!! I have found all but six of Gingers films and am very very very excited!!

Also went to see "Wicked" yesterday which was truly incredible!

Beth xx


  1. ...Great pix, Beth! I have a LOT of work to do on that front...there are just GOBS of Ginger pics out is good!
    Hope everything goes well for you at school! just getting everythin 'in order' at college is half the battle!
    It's a pretty busy time of year for little girl started second grade a week ago - no more staying up until midnight watching 'Hannah Montana' or whatever for her... :-\
    Wow - down to 6? cool! Honestly, I need to do a 'reset', too - now that I can work the 'G' (thanks mucho again, BTW), my list is getting shorter - funny, I am sitting here looking at my printer, which has TWENTY Ginger DVD's on it - I am 'creating' covers for each, with the theatrical poster if found, and wanting to put the 'info' in each cover, too... anyway, I am down to 8 or 9 movies needed, so...I guess I am hanging in there!
    Thanks again for the cool pix, AND the link to Maggie's site (which I am a follower of now!)

  2. Yay you put up some more of my favourites of Ginger! There is another one wit her, Keeler, and Merkel I will show you.

    Have you started college yet? I still have a whole month while everyone else is leaving! :(


  3. Thanks for the link Beth! Those pictures were new to me. In the third one she looks a lot like Jean Harlow.

  4. Lovely photos! I've never the second one before! That's such an early picture!


  5. Oh goodness- those pictures are marvelous!

  6. Hi beth, would if be possibel for you to do me a copy of QUEEN HIGH and THE SAP FROM SYRACUSE ,HAT CHECK GIRL if you still have them? How much would if cost? im in the UK.

    If not where would i go to obtain/view theses movies?

    Please email direclty here:


  7. Just stumbled across your blog while searching for commentary on Teenage Rebel, and I have to tell you I'm loving what I see! I'm obsessed with Ginger myself, can't quite get enough - thank you, thank you for amassing all of these rare pics and youtube finds! I'm definitely bookmarking your blog, and should I come across anything particularly insightful myself, I will send your way.

  8. Shanna -
    Glad to hear from a fellow 'Gingerologist'!

    This blog was the one that inspired me to start up mine, 'Gingerology'... Beth seems to have all the COOL stuff over here, tho :-)

    Other great Ginger-related sites include 'The Ginger List', 'Some Parade', 'Maggie's Film Journal', and 'Gingermania!' ...some are pretty much ALL VKM stuff, while others mix it with other topics... but each one is very informative!!!

    BTW, How many of Ginger's movies do you have? We are all kinda 'counting down' to obtaining ALL of them (yes...all 73 or so...) would be interested if you have any 'rare' ones!!! Beth or Lauren (the Ginger List) would be who to get with on that, tho...

    Again, good to hear from a Ginger Fan!!! Jwalker

  9. Obtaining all of Ginger's films would be amazing - but at present, I'm sad to say I only have the 5 or so in the Astaire/Rogers dvd collection that I bought a few years ago. Being part of a little online community like this though could definitely inspire me to begin hunting/collecting with the rest of you! Thanks for the other Ginger site suggestions, going to bookmark them now. Who knows, I may have to start my own blog as well - what a great find here! :D

  10. ...Great! Hopefully you have access to TCM - they show an 'adequate' amount of Ginger movies (although it's NEVER really enough!!!) - I list the upcoming ones on my blog... but they are also on the TCM site. I have recorded a bunch of her movies from there (yes, with a VHS...I just recently moved out of the cave, tho :-) )

  11. Re: The second to last pic: Didn't Ginger have the most goregous hair?