Monday, 3 August 2009

Poll Number 3 - Favourite Ginger outfit

At the suggestion of Lauren (The Ginger List/Greyscale) we attempt the tricky tricky question of the ultimate Ginger dress/outfit. I apologise for the delay in this arrival but thought it would need pictures for those who had perhaps not seen certain movies. Making the shortlist was hard, some outfits were requested, and if supported by a genuine glamour ( and lets face it most everything Ginger wore was glamorous). So the list is as follows.

"Feathers" - Cheek to Cheek - Top Hat (1935)

"Sequins and Mink" - The Saga of Jenny - Lady in the Dark (1944) "Hearts and Arrows" - Carefree (1938) "Assembly Dress" - The Assembly - Kitty Foyle (1940) I couldn't find a good picture of this dress and a screenshot was inpossible as you never see the whole front, but I love it so it's in XD
"Contrast Couture" - The Continental - The Gay Divorcee (1934)
"Station Spectacular" - Final scene - The Major and the Minor (1942) "It's A Cape" - Never Gonna Dance - Swing Time (1936) "Fur Blouse" - Star of Midnight (1935)
Get voting, I've enabled multiple votes as personally, I have a winner for formalwear and a winner for daywear and theyre not really in the same category so I couldn't choose.... let me know what you think and why you chose what you chose. For me, it's the Continental dress, for the evening, the heart suit from Carefree for the day, and the white fur outfit from Star of Midnight for sheer glamour and unusual day/night crossover outfit! I also had to vote for the assembly dress of Kitty Foyle as I truly adore it (having Just rewatched the movie!) so its an indecisive week for me!

Beth xx


  1. Lovely pictures-- and great idea for a poll.

    I chose the hearts and arrows number from Carefree, which is simply wonderful...then I chose the sequins and mink outfit and the feathers dress from Top Hat because of all the fun Ginger trivia associated with it. :)

  2. I love the hearts and arrows dress from Carefree as well, so gorgeous. I love all of the clothign though, it's all so amazing.
    Great post, such great fashion!

  3. You picked such amazing outfits for the poll, that choosing was agony. The dress from Carefree is easily my favorite, but I had trouble keeping myself from voting for all of the other outfits as well. I managed to just vote for my favorite, although I know feel terrible for leaving out the others.

  4. Great choices, Beth! I know little or nothing about fashion, but just know what Ginger looks cool in... (although we all know that Ginger Rocks in ANYTHING!)

    I went with a 'Top Four': Feathers, Jenny, Carefree,and Miss Applegate. Looking at these four, I think 'Applegate' may just be my favorite, although 'Carefree' is right there, too.

    'Feathers' is impossible to leave out because it is one of Ginger's faves, and the story behind it, and it DOES make Cheek to Cheek all that more memorable...
    'Jenny' is just killer - I have seen pix of her in it for awhile, but finally saw the movie scene might just be my favorite Ginger moment. The fact that the scene is in color makes the outfit quite striking...and, how can you not vote for a dress that unfurls so divinely? :-)
    'Carefree' is just a smart, cool outfit with the Heart and Arrows, which is approaching iconic status in Gingerville! Some joker actually said there is a white version of this dress...he needs to have documentation prior to making such wild accusations! :-]
    'Applegate' (I like the 'Station Spectactular' tag, Beth!) is another really striking outfit that I think she is just devastating in... Let me just say this...if I ever was to meet up with VKM (yeah, right) in some freaky parallel universe or whatever, it would be just ducky with me if this was the outfit she was wearing...
    Kinda weird that 'The Cape' isn't faring better, since it was part of the top dance routine we picked... it's nice, but the others just are a bit more 'memorable' overall.

  5. Actually, just remembered this -I know it is WAY off topic here, but, it IS about Ginger... her childhood home in Independence, Missouri is up for sale... check out the link below - hopefully it will link - haven't tried that in a comment before...

    sad thing is, they are only asking $20,000 for it, and no takers... it is probably not in a great part of town, and the house is over 100 years OLD, so... Heck, if had the $$$, I would buy it and make it a landmark or something... Interestingly, my wife's cousin moved to Kansas City (Independence is just outside of KC)just a few years ago, so we might get up there...would like to see it - hope they don't tear it down or anything...

  6. I want that house. We should all go in together and buy it. ;)

  7. seems like the city itself would just buy it and 'preserve' it, and make it open to the public - of course, you would have to have someone there 'running' it, which would be a bit hard to justify in today's economy.
    She IS the most famous person from Independence, MO, though - (well, Harry Truman is also from there, but my vote for most popular is with VKM!)
    Well, hopefully it will used in some manner - I guess people have lived in it up until now.

    P.S. - Sorry for the 'de-railment', Beth!

  8. ...Well, sorry to further go out on a limb, but just wanted folks to know that my blog (such as it is) is now entitled, "Gingerology"...trying to make it something worth checking out...please just drop by there if you feel so inclined, if just to critique... I need all the help I can get! I have listed the VKM movies I currently have, which is not NEAR what most of y'all have... I am in awe... but hopefully I can catch up one day...
    Still think Beth's is the coolest blog EVER! Thanks, jwalker

  9. Okay I had to choose three! Obviously I chose the Never Gonna Dance dress - anyone who knows me knows I will choose that one! The back on that dress is exquisite.
    I also chose the heart sweater/skirt combo. I think it's adorable, and I would wear that in a second!
    The third one I chose was the "fur blouse" actually (did you make up these names? :D) because it has a great shape! Look at the fullness of the sleeves, the sweetheart style neckline, and the way it cinches at the waist and comes out. So cute! It's a difficult piece to pull off, but that's why I love Ginger, she can sport these clothes well!

    Thanks for going with my poll idea, Beth, I had fun voting! :)


  10. I must take responsibility for the crassness of the names chosen :P - I was sleep deprived and just wanteds the posting to be overr... and then people had voted and it was too late to change thenames !

  11. Yes, Gingers Feathers Dress is one of my favourite dresses in Hollywood history!

  12. Thanks for keeping the name I gave the jpeg from SWING TIME, with Ginger in her "majestic" dress! ;)

  13. women in the part really looks lovely. the way they carry that type of dress is so outrageous! how i wish that we can all go back in the past.

  14. My favorites are Feathers, Sequins and Mink, Contrast Couture, and It's A Cape. ESPECIALLY It's A Cape. They are all so stunning I want dresses just like these! There will never be anybody to fill Ginger's shoes like she did L/