Thursday, 8 October 2009

Fred, Cary, David, Douglas, Dennis, Jimmy or Norman??

It's been a while, and I miss the chats we used to have over these... so here goes with

"Favourite Ginger Rogers Leading Man"

There were a lot of these obviously, so I shortened the list based on my preferences and noted films. If you feel any worthy candidate has been missed, comment!!

The options are as follows
1. Fred Astaire
Could not be overlooked. 10 wonderful toe tapping musical extravaganzas make Fred Ginger's most frequent and most famous leading man.... but is he your favourite??

2. Cary Grant
Ginger and this lovely chap had quite a story, really I wish they'd just got married but was not to be! Working toether later in Ginger's career for Monkey Business and Once Upon a Honeymoon. Quite some chemistry!

3. David Niven

Ginger and David were never romantically invilved, which is a fairly rare occurrence if you think about it! Working together three times, does Mr Niven's boyish charm and comedic value make him a winner??

4. Jimmy Stewart
All I can say is what a pairing! Little and large, ligh and dark, SHE SHOULD HAVE MARRIED HIM TOOO! I seem to have become rather opionated!

5. Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
Another non-romantic leading man! Sadly these two only made one film together "Having Wonderful Time", but oh boy don't the sparks fly on eagle rock in the dark.... it's the only time backgammon ever sounded romantic!

6. Norman Foster
Ginger made a few films with Norman, and I always feel there's a certain charm to the pairing. The boat scene in Rafter Romance is so deliciously romantic that to not include Mr Foster seemed stingy.

7. Dennis Morgan
Two words and one number, Wynnewood Strafford VI. Of course there's also Perfect Strangers, but the fact is Kitty and Wyn should have been together!!!
Get voting.... I'm still choosing but swinging Between Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant, for me the real life romance is a clincher!!
Beth xx


  1. even though i do enjoy her pairings with Cary Grant (Monkee Business is so freakin hilarious!), it's still gotta be Fred.

  2. I find Jimmy adorable but, Fred, for me is Fred is the leading man for her. They way they dance, they act together, the look at each other... there was magic in the screen each time they both appeared.

  3. Ok, you've heard the story that Ginger took Jimmy's...erm "innocence" right? Priceless!

  4. Hahah yeah, well love her as I do she was a bit of a hussy :P

  5. Even though I like Cary Grant, I would say Jimmy!!!

    Jimmy and Ginger made such a cute couple in Vivacious Lady.(It's my #1 movie of Ginger) I so want that movie to come out on dvd in the U.S... ANNOYING!!!

  6. Are you kidding me???
    It's between Fred, Jimmy, and actually David Niven too - I love him.

    I gotta think about this one.


  7. ...I went with CG, but man, it is hard to not go with Fred! I figure Fred will win, so as usual, I am going with the 'second place' pic!!!
    Great poll!!! JW

  8. I agree with most of you...Its Fred but I love her chemistry with Cary Grant.

  9. ...actually, if Ginger would have agreed to be in 'It's a Wonderful Life', that may well could have solidified the VKM-Jimmy pairing as no worse than #2 behind GandF.
    And, as for the 'story' about Ginger and Jimmy's er...'extracurriculars'...well, I know they were pretty heavily involved, but it just seems a bit 'out of character' for her...and him, for that matter...which, strangely might add up! Well, if it IS true, just remember this: "She may be wicked, but I love her!" :-]

  10. AHAHAHAHAHAHA extracurriculars!!!!! Love that word choice. That would be one not to add to the college apps.


  11. Okay I just realized that I never read your captions to the pictures until now... Beth you're hilarious.


  12. Fun post, Beth. :) I had such trouble choosing, and was torn between Cary Grant and Fred Astaire. I ultimately chose Cary, but my choice was misleading, gah! See, Cary is my favorite leading man ever - totally in love with him. BUT the movies he made with Ginger are not my favorite as far as romantic pairings for her. The best romance was with Fred in my opinion, what with the singing and dancing and being swept off her feet bit. The Jimmy Stewart romance is in second as they were definitely adorable together. But I had to choose Cary because....well, because if his name is there, I cannot pick another! So difficult, these choices you ask us to make. ;)

  13. Ok, this was REALLY TOUGH! I (like Lauren) had the hardest time choosing between Astaire, Niven, and Stewart! In the end I voted for Stewart because, honestly, he and Ginger really sizzled - steadily! She and Fred would simmer for a couple of minutes and then explode, but Ginger and Jimmy had constant chemistry. Let's be honest, without the dancing, would she and Fred really be such a famous pairing? Much as I love their non-dancing scenes, I'm not sure. So for pure, leading man-type qualities, I like Jimmy best. (Sorry, Fred!)

    I hope what I just said makes sense! Looking back, I'm not even sure that I understand it....

  14. Well, at least got the 'non-obvious' choice right in CG, who was second!
    Thanks again for the poll, Beth!

  15. Just found this blog via Lauren's blog list and I just have to say, "SQUEE!!!!!" :D OMG, I had no idea there were so many other Ginger fans out there in blogland! Looking forward to perusing the older posts. Yay, other people who *get it*!

  16. ...sad that Norm got nary a vote... he seemed like a pretty decent sort of guy, so here's a 'posthumorous' vote for Norman Foster... and anyway, a dude who could tame 'The Purity Girl' needs some recognition!

    Gingerella - Welcome to the club! GINGEROLOGISTS UNITE!!!

  17. Oh yeah Poor Norman!! If it weren't a kick I wouldn't be able to appreciate that highly enjoyable saying...
    'Oh God, please don't let her die! She's wicked-- but I love her.
    AHAHAHAHAHA. Was that supposed to be funny? I can't even remember!


  18. Given that the Ginger and Fred movies represent the high point of Western Civilization it is hard not to vote for Fred, but I feel a professional obligation as a chemist to vote for Cary. Ginger and Cary are brilliant in OUaH. Think of Cary posing as a tailor trying to take Ginger's measurements or in the bar where Ginger quotes Browning and Cary quotes Irving Berlin. But it's MB that wins me over. It is a brilliant valedictory on the screwball comedies of the 30s and 40s paying homage to Ginger and Cary's movies, Laurel & Hardy, our gang comedy and so on. And G & C are so convincing that when they discover at the end that their love has only grown stronger over the years, it is hard to believe that their lives and their art are not one and the same. I would like to think they were. The thing is, as a chemist I get to identify with Cary...Sigh.

  19. Lauren - I actually think it was supposed to be funny, even tho he just knocked her out... weird humor, huh?

    Grandpa Doug - Nice take on CG as the most 'non-obvious' choice! I wish Ginger and Cary could have done a few more films together...not sure which ones, but the 'measurement' scene in 'Honeymoon' is just classic!
    And 'MB' is actually one of my ALL time favorite Ginger roles...she is SO cool in it... the 'Dream Wife' who takes care of everything...and she is a bit 'older' in it, but actually right where I am now, that really just gets me...
    and, she is FUNNY in it! It may be her best comedic role...of course, when she is in 'kid mode'...
    BTW, did I mention I like Ginger in this movie?

  20. Beth - hope you are doing ok! Haven't heard much from you in awhile... hopefully your studies are going ok...hang in there! JWalker - VKMfan

  21. ...ok Beth, this is getting serious!!!

    Hope you are ding well, and school is treating you nice...
    I have talked with Lauren, who said you have been posting on Facebook, or Twitter, or something of that nature, so it's good you have been posting somewhere, anyway...

    Just a FYI -I have changed my 'handle' to 'VKMfan' from 'JWalker'...

    Hope you are OK! Have a great Holiday Season!!!

    VKMfan (the blogger formerly known as 'JWalker')

  22. I'm soliciting bloggers' favorites (of their own posts) for my year-end round-up at The Dancing Image. Here's the explanation (with a bit of a mea culpa):

    Feel free to leave your own selection there - links to all submissions will be posted around the 30th, but I'll certainly be taking them after that too.

    Thanks & happy new year!

  23. i adore her with jimmy stewart.... even though cary grant is my all time favorite male actor from that time jimmy and ginger are beautiful together!!!

  24. Hmmm.... well if I have to pick one I think I have to pick Cary Grant. They are SO adorable together and Cary had that same kind of quick-wit humor Ginger did that made even a heavy film like Once Upon A Honeymoon a joy to watch.

    How Ray Milland? He was Ginger's co-star in two of my favorite movies (Lady In the Dark and The Major and The Minor...and the kiss at the end of both of them make me happy!)

  25. Revising my vote...a little. Of these guys - definitely Cary Grant - after reading Ginger's book and then rewatching Monkey Business you can see theres an obvious genuine spark between those too. But I just finished watching Primrose Path and I think Ginger had some great chemistry with Joel McCrea - I love the "Can I see what you painted on the boat" scene!