Tuesday, 6 October 2009

On copyright!! (This is a humorous post)

Havin returned to find my little catch phrase "Keep it Gingery" a VKMwide phenomena I have been advised to copyright said phrase! This however seemed mean, so instead, I propose the following,

An oath to Ginger must be made, upon which each oathmaker may use the Gingery phrase at their discretion!

Please pledge the following,

I, the undersigned, do solemnly pledge to love Virginia Katherine McMath until age or infirmity rob me of all bodily functions. I hereby swear to promote Gingeryness in the wider community by gabbling on the subject to anyone who expresses a slight interest, and watching as many films as I can fit in to my life. Furthermore,I will fight the injustice by which her name appears only as an attachment to that of Fred Astaire. On June 16th I swear to wear something pink and eat ice cream, in Ginger's memory.

This I do swear, on pain of death at the hand of Lottie Marin!


Beth Stephens

There we go!

I am officially the perpetrator of this contract, so any questions should be directed to me!

Keep it Gingery

Beth xx


  1. On June 16th I swear to wear something pink and eat ice cream, in Ginger's memory.

    I will!

    Haha, this post was hilarious ;)

  2. AHAHA I think you mean a VKMfanwide phenomenon. :D


  3. I take the oath happily. Love your blog

  4. ..ok, I'm definitely in...where do I sign??? :-)
    Well, maybe except the wearing of the pink...but then again, maybe I will figure out something... honestly, just no pink currently in my closet, ladies...

    Ice cream eating (Strawberry, of course, VKM's favorite flavor :-P )...can do.

    General GingerSpeak...oh yeah...no problem.

    G&F instead of F&G...already on that.

    Hey, I could maybe go fishing... of course I am a horrid fisherman...

    Tennis anyone? yeah, I may swing that...


    BTW, afraid to ask this, but...who is Lottie Marin?

    Keep it Gingery, y'all! or, "KIG"...

    Jwalker-VKMfan-PG Giza-Sunny-Huey

  5. ...BTW, Miss Beth - just wondering how you are faring on the movie tally? I'm sure you are pretty much wrapped up, but just wondering... thanks! JW

  6. Hmm, I don't know any Lottie Marin, so I searched the name and got this: http://www.wmpyou.org/LottieMarin.htm
    I don't know if that's what Beth was thinking of...?


  7. ...I know of Lottie Moon, but she was a Baptist missionary... so, most likely did not kill anyone with her bare hands... :-)

    ...hey, I could dye my hair pink for the day! wonder what manner of chaos would ensue if I did THAT... :-)

  8. Lotti Marin is Gingers murderess character in Black Widow!! Well Carlotta technically :)

  9. Oh ahaha really???
    Well I guess she's a real person too, haha!


  10. oh yeah... Carlotta... I thought that was a cool movie, but... just weird to see Ginger as the culprit! Well, it's a weird thought, but if I had to check out by someone doing me in, might as well be Ginger!

  11. ::right hand raised::

    I do so solemnly swear.

    Mischief managed. Oh, wait.....


  12. Since I now have legal permission...

    I just love your "keep it gingery" so much, I think I'm going to start signing off on my Ginger-related posts with this - and then link it to the oath here. :)

  13. Oh I am so glad to find this. I am huge of Ginger Rogers, she was so beautiful and a great actress. I would have to choose Fred Astaire because my favorite movie of all times is Shall We Dance.
    I saw that you send a invite to one of your readers to Gormogon. Can you send one for me too? I would be very grateful because I adore classical movies and I am waiting for ages to enter in this forum. Thank you so much. tanialexandralves@gmail.com

  14. Change June 16th to July 16th and you'll be good to go!

  15. OMG!!! Maasive faux pas there, thanks for noticing Katie, apparentlyb cant edit any more though!