Thursday, 7 January 2010

The only way to enjoy anything in life is to earn it first

It's been a very long time since I posted anything and I decided the time had come to face the fact. This is and isn't about Ginger so apologies for the large injection of Beth in this post.

Since I've been at university, a lot has changed, my expectations of other people, what I do with my time and how I view the world. I really don't like this change, because of all the things that have been lost, the things which made me me, my dancing, my friends, my family have all very much changed roles or vanished altogether. Over christmas, I realised how much I'd changed, and how little I liked who I had become, I stopped watching Ginger films because I had noone to watch with, and people found it strange, also because it was unbearable to see someone so happy, dancing when it had all been taken from me.

So this new year, 2010, 99 years since Virginia Katherine McMath arrived, I decided to turn things about. Now I can't promise to blog with the regularity that my empty summer allowed, but I'm promising this, to anyone who cares, from now onwards, I'll post as often as I have something to say.... and hopefully this will help in my personal remodelling!

SO I shall begin in week one of 2010, by saying this

OBSERVATION - In Bachelor mother, Ginger has normal eyebrows. Now I know this sounds highly bizarre but rather than the pencilled on ones of the Fred and Ginger, early ginger etc, she has fairly natural blonde eyebrows. I noticed this on watching on NYE, and believe it to be a rare if not unique phenomenon! SO on that bizarre note, I shall be off. XX


  1. Good luck with everything honey, i hope you achieve everything you want. xx

  2. I hope everything works out for the better! I've been there too! I know I have been terrible at reading your blog, but now I will make more of an effort.

    And here's to hoping that Ginger pulls you out of your rut. I would feel so bad if I couldn't bear to watch Audrey movies, so really, good luck! :-D

  3. It's hard going against the grain when you have an interest no one else shares, and quite lonely at times. That's why I'm so glad that there's such a huge online community of vintage enthusiasts, as well as Ginger I can be myself and no one thinks me odd. You stick to whatever makes YOU happy, and forget those people that try to drag you off in directions you don't want to go.

  4. I didn't fall for La Ginge until my sophomore year of college, so I guess I'm used to it being a sole interest from the beginning. But remember that even if no one else you know (in person at least) loves her the way you do, you still have her, and us! Make it your thing to do by yourself when you need a pick-me-up.

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  6. I'm glad you're back even if your posts are sporadic! I agree with Gingerella -- people think I'm strange for watching the classic, decent films of early Hollywood. Why on earth would anyone (in my opinion) want to sit in front of a flick like, "The Hangover"?!

    Good luck Beth! :)

  7. Welcome back! Don't worry keep your spirit up and 2010 will be a great year for you! Its funny that you post about the eyebrows. Watching The Gay Divorcee last night I was wondering if a nose job was a part of Ginger's history- but that might be just her growing up and they way people's faces change as they get older.

  8. all you need to do is watch the day and night dance from The Gay Divorcee and all will be well.

  9. A pretty girl with a love of Ginger and the era of wonderful movies... Such a pity you're ten years younger and live across the sea. I'd have swooned to spend time watching great films with a gal like you back in college. Chin up! University changes everything, but just be true to yourself -- both to who you are and to the person you want to be.

  10. Great that you are back, Beth...we MISSED you!!! BTW...this is Jwalker - I have changed my 'handle' to VKMfan.
    I hope school is going well, and that you find happiness is pretty bad when folks don't share your intersts, or at least make some concessions... as in, "I'll watch a goofy current movie if you watch a Ginger".
    It is kinda tough to keep info 'fresh' about VKM, but in a way, personal posts seem to be a good indicator of why one IS a Ginger fan, hence they are quite interesting, if not more so - it is YOUR blog, so we want to hear stuff pertaining to YOU, along with any VKM info or observations you may have at any given time!
    As for the eyebrows...good catch - I think there are a few more movies where she has the 'natural' brows, in that same time frame...5th Avenue Girl, specifically - I think they look killer that way. Of course, with her eyes, most any type of brow works, within reason... weird, sometimes I 'analyze' her eyebrows from pic to pic... suffice it to say my 'fanaticism' hasn't waned, eh?

    Hang in there, 'gingerrogerxx' !!! :-]

    VKMfan (Jwalker - Huey)

  11. Hey Beth! (I noticed the eyebrow thing as well... maybe it was her 1939 look? And for some reason I thought I read someone, like Lucille Ball, mention something about Ginger's eyebrows in her autobio but I could totally be wrong, or just making this up.)
    Anyway, I understand about school people and what little they know of important things like Ginger. I worked on getting myself into an American Film History class, maybe you should try one at your school because there are film lovers in that class, who, if they aren't exactly interested in Ginger, will be more open since they have similar interests in film in general. I was talking with a guy in my film discussion class and he was very willing to listen to me talk about my old film love even though he didn't particularly share my interests. I have a very quite approach (leave my room decorations) to letting people know my interest in the classics. Sometimes too much enthusiasm frightens people, so I just take it slow, recommend a film here and there, bring up an actor or actress, and expose people that way. Just be proud that at the heart of you is a girl who can enjoy something that others don't. It makes you stand out, and that is very important. I don't think this change is permanent, you will still always be you even though things may get muddled in the process. Sometimes you may feel like you're floating away from the aspects of your life that make you you, but you will always return. I have faith that you will find yourself again because you are a strong person. I've been going through a lot at college as well, but realize that we are just silly freshman! It took me a bit of time to understand that. Keep some good friends and advisors near you because they are a world of help when you feel lousy. We will make it through, and we will be fine.