Tuesday, 2 March 2010

5 a day!

To begin a candid publicity shot from 'Don't bet on Love' to set the mood!

Well if nothing else my current insomnia is getting my posting more frequent! As mentioned yesterday, I recently unearthed a stash of pics I found over the summer. Now this being a while back I can't remember what I posted. Also given my absence for a few months, others may have posted these already... so if they are duplicates, I hope you'll forgive me and enjoy the Ginger goddess nonetheless!

Format, I've decided to give y'all 5 a day, in the fashion of fruits and vegetables... a healthy serving of Gingery goodness to keep the blues away! They seem for the most part to fall in to sets, Ginger and sport, Ginger in fashion, beauty shots Ginger and friends, Ginger and pets, Ginger and food etc! So I'll post one at a time.... starting today with....

GINGER IN THE SUN... you see its the first sunny warm day of the year in England and I'm hoping the sun may be inspired to stay out!
And hell, I'll throw in a sixth which I'm sure y'all have seen but I love too much to miss!

Stay healthy!

Beth XX


  1. Loved the scene the first pic is from! Love first "sun" pic too! Thanks, I feel much healthier now! ;)

  2. I love all these pictures, she always looks great! Thanks for posting them :D

  3. ...BETH IS BACK!!!! WOO HOO!!!!

    ...well, you have always BEEN here, but GREAT to see you doing well and cranking out the 'Gingery Goodness' again!!! I just wish you could obtain TCM somehow... although I think you have pretty much ALL of them (sans Hat Check Girl...right???) ...which reminds me...I have tried and tried to convert 'Forever Female' to 'Gorg' format... but it doesn't work. All that to say, if you are just looking for something to do, and need more 'G' points, that one is still not on the 'big board'...

    BTW, I have NEVER seen that last picture...awesome!!!

    Keep It Gingery, Beth!!!


    PS ...ONLY 5 a day??? :-]

  4. Thats it! Were all moving to "Gingerville" so we can live close to eachother and all have a complete collection of Ginger movies and we all have someone to talk "Gingerology" with!

  5. The photos make me feel all summery :)
    Great photos you have there xx

  6. Great pics! I'm so ready for winter to be over.

  7. ...I say we all converge on Independence, Missouri on July 16, 2011... that would be pretty dang cool... well, if there is anything to DO there, other than check out Ginger's birth house and other 'early residences'...