Thursday, 4 March 2010

Older Ginger [5 a day]

Proving you can age gracefully in Hollywood!

Although even Ginger couldn't pull off the 1980s! Good lord, look at the sleeves!



  1. So your sidebar says youve been watching 20 Million Sweethearts. Is it worth recording in a couple weeks? Im trying to figure out the best way to get all of Ginger's early movies that night/morning. I have two DVRs but its still A LOT!

    April 1st might be worse!

  2. Great pics, Beth! I love her 'Bell, Book and Candle' pic - isn't that William Marshall with her? And the pic w/Ann Miller - well, yep, she is quite old there, but still VKM, thus special...she kept on doing stuff up to around 80, which is cool...
    BTW, the first pic, she is really cute, but I have to say, I do NOT like her hair style in 'Tight Spot'...something about that 'middle part' just doesn't work... but again, overall, still REALLY cute!!!

  3. ...BTW, SG - In regard to recording 20 mil sweethearts... Yes, yes, a thousand times YES!!! This is my mom's FAVORITE 'non-Fred' Ginger movie...well, she loves 'Rafter Romance' too... It is a good one - Ginger has a couple of cool tunes, most notably, 'Out for No Good', which I have grown to LOVE... and of course, 'I'll String Along With You', which was evidently a pretty big hit in its day...

  4. Thanks VKMfan, Ill get it then. Thinking about skipping UpperWorld saw it the other day on youtube and as cute as Ginger is in her early scenes shes not in it enough for me!

  5. I'd deffo go with 20 million, over upperworld, less traumatic for one thing!
    And VKM, it is William Marshall in the second pic!

  6. I hope i look that good when i'm that age haha. And i agree with you, i don't think anyone can pull off the 80s look! x

  7. ...I thought I remembered that from the stage production they were doing of it in England... never saw that movie (had James Stewart and Kim Novak in it)... wish some of ginger's stage stuff was filmed think SOMEONE would have something SOMEWHERE...

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  9. Hello, Beth:

    Your work is truly colossal! I guess you've found, that we can't go on with the 90s in this century. From time to time it was necessary to look back in human history. It's time for sort of renaissance, a rebirth of human culture. In all the mass medias you can hear people talk about it: „We can't go on like this.“ In fact I'm always thinking of the 30s.

    I'm beginning to unterstand the blogspot-system and I find it extremely genius. Above all that follower-list on personal Dashboards is very fascinating, with all those running items I prefer. Today's the first day I'm really able to orientate. So I can rest end say this:

    The mood of the 30s is mostly an inner thing. Fancy evening dresses are almost timeless. Gingers dress in „Let's Face the Music and Dance“ looks quite modern, even in the 21st century. I think, that the everyday suits, people wore on streets or at work are much more characteristic. They represent the common life of the 30s.

    But don't forget the inner qualities of the 30s, Beth! It's very important, because human beings aren't just dolls ore window-dressing. In old films you can feel the spirit of the 30s – I would even say : the soul. And Ginger WAS a beautiful soul, wich is the mystery of her personality.