Monday, 1 March 2010

So haven't posted in a while... [lent, flapperdoodles and Bones]

As I have been having a pretty uneventful life of late! When scouring my external hard drive I came across a folder of pictures of Ginger I found at the end of the summer, some of which I'm fairly sure I haven't shared, so shall be posting these as I find the time! Here's hoping I'm not just duplicating photos found in my absence. I love the one above!

But anyway, decided to regale you with a few tales of Beth which relate (somewhat vaguely) to Ginger.

To begin with... LENT! Taking inspiration from Ginger, have given up alcohol for let. NOwthis may seem a non-issue to many of you, but as a student, ye olde beer/vodka composes a large part of our diet here in the UK. So am thus far avoiding peer-pressure and following Gingers teetotality... if thats not already a word... I coin it!

Secondly, building on earlier figure skating post... those of you who haven't already should check out the original and free routines of the couples that finished first and second in the ice dance, Canadian, Moir and Virtue (specially their original) and that Phantom free routine of the americans... STUNNING!

Valentines was unremarkable except for some super cute Valentines I ordered from Kate Gabrielle's flapperdoodle site! If you haven't already head across and have a look at her art... she does theses adorable cartoon flappers, and also has a range of classic movie inspired stuff. As a young artist she needs all the help we can give and her work deserves to be seen, its all super quirky and to steal a word "spiffy"
There's the link... go on... you wont regret it!

And finally, somethng I'm suprised I haven't already bored you with. Since before Christmas I've been a little bit hooked on the TV show 'Bones'. Now I'm not exactly sure why I love it so much, I just adore the mix of characters, the way the leads (Emily Deschanel/David Boreanaz) have a chemistry that could burn down buildings, combined with some pretty excellent scripting, fun supporting cast and high levels of interest plotwise... you get the picture! Also, Bones is not about sex for the most part, which is something I find kinda wearing on TV, so its a nice change to see genuine loving relationships without having the physical thrust in our faces. Anyway... I LOVE IT, and I was struck today when rewatching an episode that Bones (Deschanel) may have the best eyes in the world since Ginger. Indeed, hers are the colour I imagine Ginger's to be when I see her in black and white (Though actually Ginger's are a wee bit darker). The physical resemblance goes no further, but of modern TV, she is certainly my favourite leading lady!

Not always obviously pretty, Emily has stunning bone structure, and is in my opinion quirkily very beautiful, not mentrion actually a normal dress size! Also, very driven and motivated to stand up for what she believes in (Vegan Animal rightsy stuff). In a Gingery fashion, she's pretty diversely talented good singer,sportsy ( no jokes has some mad trapeze skills!), not to mention a pretty spiffy dresser (with a deal of 30s/40s inspiration) so another Beth inspiration! Ginger does of course trump her, but having a living actress I enjoy watching does have it's perks!

Thats's pretty much it, and not really Ginger related but I figured I'd let you know whats happening in my life... any other Ginger and bones fans??



  1. First of all - Welcome back!

    Second, love that pic! Youre right TC is a tough movie but Ginger is absolutely STUNNING in it!

    RE: Lent...good for you! I rarely drink anyway and I dont see what the big deal is (Im 28). I mean I appreciate a good drink after a tough day but mostly I can take it or leave it.

    Love Bones! David Boreanez is adorable! Have you ever read Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books? David Boreanez is my pick for Joe! Have you seen (I think) the episode from the end of last season? It all takes place in Booth's dream while he's in the hospital and in it he and Bones are MARRIED and well he dreams up a couple of other cute surprises!

    I dunno I think Ginger's eyes were more blue - a very distinct clear in the banner at Gingerology!

  2. hmm. I dunno Bones' eyes are lighter in some lights but lean more towards the green end of things.... and ofc I've seen the season 4 finale...loveitt! The Gingerology banner is a colored blak and white and from orginal footae of ginger, eg. in the RKO Story he eyes are cetainly a darker lue thouh undeniably a vivid clear blue! X

  3. Thanks for the link! :) Is the picture from Tender Comrade?

  4. I know the Gingerology banner is colored.....have you checked out my (weak) attempt at coloring a picture from Monkey Business on my blog? The whole coloring thing is harder than you think!

    Yup the pic is from TC. Its the scene where the girls vote to get a housekeeper.

  5. That's a great picture of Emily Deschanel! She's one of my favorite "modern" actresses, too and I like "Bones"! Did you see that episode with her sister Zooey?! Great episode!

  6. ...can't say that I have watched much of 'Bones', but does sound refreshing that the relationship is not automatically relegated to the 'lowest common denominator'... some of the best 'romance sagas' on TV were those that went 'unfullfilled', or at least delayed... and yes, I think Emily is quite fetching, and has very pretty eyes!
    Speaking of know, y'all have a bit of 'premonition', cause I have been thinking of doing a post about Ginger's eyes... whenever I can get a few minutes to do it!!!

    Glad all is well, Beth!

    Keep It Gingery (like I need to tell YOU that!!! :-] )


  7. Ooh i can't wait for these photos of Ginger! Good luck with your alcohol abstinence, i myself have given up chocolate and cake for Lent, oh dear. But i've stuck with it so far! xx