Monday, 25 May 2009

It's officially begun!

My summer holidays have started nome so I have three and a half months to "Find GInger", it's going okay so far, Ive located about 55 of her movies, currently grappling with getting them on to DVD, somewhat tricky, anyway,twice each week, I'll post the lastest film I've seen, do a little bit of a summary, IMDB link, picture and most importantly a link! If its not online, I'm putting it there, midway through posting Star of Midnight and Tom, Dick and Harry, so will start with them asap!

A hint to Ginger Fans! Through the loveliness of youtube user KerrieGrant, I've found a site called, Classic Movie Zone. It's a torrent sharing site, focusing on classic movies, you have to sign up to join it, but its free and has loads of rare Ginger movies such as Rafter Rmance and the Tenderfoot! If interested check it out, sign up, look in the forums and track down Collection, Ginger Rogers!

Beth xx

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  1. What a great blog! Ginger is my favorite actress, and I, too have been trying to see all of her movies (along with all of Jimmy's *wink*) I haven't had much luck so far since I can't find most of her early movies. Hopefully we can help each other out with this. What a swell idea!

    The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle has also been uploaded to YT. Here's the link:

    Oh, and btw, thanks so much for following my blog!