Saturday, 30 May 2009

Spotlight Film No. 1

Star of Midnight
Just uploaded it to youtube

This 1935 movie shows Ginger moving from a comic support to a leading lady, but maintains her ever present spunkiness! Co-starring William Powell as a sleuthing lawyer, Ginger is his wise-cracking protege and assistant, who is always one humorous step behind. The plot is clever, suspenseful moments keep it moving. What I particularly liked about the film was the relationship between Ginger and William Powell, which was funny and full of excellent moments dialogue wise! I thought eh Romance was underplayed, making the ending a bit brief, but on the whole is great fun. If you like The Thin Man, give this a go!

Ginger says - "I had always admired Bill Powell and was quite thrilled to be making a movie with him" (Ginger, My Story)

Rating (Ginger Scale)

Plot - 18/20
Importance of Ginger - 16/20
Characters - 14/20
The Ginger Factor - 18/20
"X" Factors - 13/20

X factors include stunning costume moments ( I love the white mink blouse paired with a black skirt!), funny dialogue ans good suspense!

Total 79/100
Grade B!!


  1. Hey, I am making the rounds to remind everyone about the "Reading the Movies" exercise I started. I'm going to compile everyone's lists into one master list in a week or two, so jump in! The original post can be found here:


    (In your case, top 10 Ginger books?)

  2. You love Ginger, thats good enough for me!