Saturday, 30 May 2009

A Ginger Scale

While I am currently busy watching new Ginger movies, I've frequently been asked which are my favourites....what a question! Subsequently I decided to invent for myself some sort of scale, so I can rate different aspects of her movies, giving a score which can be used to prioritise viewing! Its clear I have a lot of time on my hands!

Anyway, I worked out the following scale, and starting tomorrow, (saturday) each week I'll post a link to a newly found/uploaded Ginger movie, along with a brief plot summary, my opinions, and my score!

The scores will look as follows, I worked out 5 categories which I judge a movie on. Each is out of 20 and gives a final score off 100!

1. Plot (P)- how convincing and interesting it is, this being v. important to how much I enjoy a movie, It doesnt necessarily have to be very serious, but should move the film along!

2. Importance of Ginger (IG)- I obviously realised that to me and other Ginger fans, films where she is supporting are (generally) less enjoyable, so therefore a mark for how central Ginger is. Mostly she is part of a couple, but if she is the more important of the two, then I have awarded high marks, therefore on the whole, of the Fred/Ginger films, I havent been able to award full marks as he tends to be prioritised!

3. Characters (C) - How likeable the characters are. The instances of Ginger movies I don't much like (eg. It had to be you) stem mainly from the fact that I dont like the character Ginger is playing, regardless of her talents as an actress, if the characters are not likeable, the film doesn't cut it. Also in this category, how the cast as a whole interacts.

4. The Ginger Factor (G) How well Ginger-y she is! Her spunkiness, humour, talent, all the things which make us love her, and how well they are displayed in the film. This si obviously quite a personal category, debates are always fun so feel free to argue!

5 . The "X" Factors (X) - Other things which make the film worth seeing, stunning dresses, dance routines, famous songs, funny moments and novelties! Thos little things which make you think "Wow"!! I'll try and include in my little revies, what these are!

Anyway, this makes a score out of 100 and allows me to fairly decide my top 10!

Here goes... Beth xx

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