Saturday, 16 May 2009

Finding Ginger

I have recently become a huge fan of Miss Ginger Rogers, talented, beautiful legend. Through perusing YouTube in search of her work, I have stumbled upon many like minded people, all sharing my passion.

Sadly, the Golden Age to which Ginger belonged is gone, all that is left is films and photographs. These are what we thrive upon, bringing us enjoyment and distracting us from the crass culture of lip-sync, airbrushing, dubbing and the many millions of takes modern "actors" require to make a movie.

Anyway, to summarise, I decided to start this blog, in which I hope to chart my search for the films of Ginger Rogers, in the hope that others read it, contribute to it, and that it will ultimately become a place where those who love Ginger can discuss her life and work, and find movies of her that they need to see.

I hope you will join me

Beth xx

Words of wisdom;
“My love for ice cream emerged at an early age--and has never left!” Ginger Rogers


  1. Hey! It's beeje from YT.
    I like the ice cream quote! Haha when I'm practicing dances at home and I'm getting tired I eat ice cream yum!!!!!!!!

  2. OOOh I didn't know you were a dancer! I am too! ANd Ice Cream is heaven, in fact, I think next weekend I will have a Ginger Rogers tribute day, eat ice-cream and watch her movies!

  3. Haha yay! What kind of dance do you do?
    And ice cream! I love mint chip and cookie dough and rocky road!
    Okay I'm gong to the grocery store today I just decided to get some of this stuff!

  4. I post frequently on Ginger, as she's one of my favorites. I wish you the best with your blog--classic film needs more support!

  5. I can't think of a more deserving star to "find" than the lovely and charming Ginger Rogers. Just her name across the tongue and the thought of wonderful films brings a smile to my face.
    Rupert Alistair