Friday, 31 July 2009

"Never Gonna Dance".... :(

Tomorrow marks the very end of my dance career as it were. My final performance with my current dance group, a quartet at the All-England finals in London. Again sorry to deviate from Ginger, but this competotions the reason for my prolonged absence and the imminent end has brought about bittersweet emotions. Maybe in later life I'll end up on stage again.... nothings final.

Anyway, back to Ginger. Well ish! I don't really get sage fright, but I find channelling Gnger helps. Somehow thinking about that performance quality she exudes at all times makes my dancing better. I won a silver medal today!

Now to make up for a non- Gingery post I've added in a few Ginger pictures I've recently come across !

I really do hope I can age as well as GInger... i found this which was apparently taken in the '80s!

Beth xx


  1. Wow, congrats on the silver! I didn't know you danced-- what kind of dancing is it?

    Those pictures are terrific-- she's stunning in the first one and looks great as usual in the others. I love pictures of "older" Ginger-- she's so cute! Her hair looks more natural in the last picture than it did later, when she fluffed it up, haha. Both styles were swell by me. :)

  2. Love your blog! Ginger was such a talented actress and of course dancer. I love the pictures, you're right, she sure did age well, guess it's the blessing of good bone structure.
    Congratulations on your silver medal :)

  3. Hope you have a great finale tomorrow, Beth!!!
    Glad you have fared so well doing something you love...and hope you get to pick it back up whenever possible...

    It will be good to have the Ginger Talk rolling again, for myself, I'm getting close to withdrawal!

    P.S. - I received 'Harlow' a few days ago - and it is a definite "made for TV in the 60's" film... actually has a few fair moments, but overall, kind of 'poor quality', and the subject matter is a bit...intense... of course Ginger gives it the ol' college try, and is ok overall - just interesting to watch her in her later films - well, this one being THE last, unless Cinderella came after...not sure about that.
    Well, I guess that leads up to the 'Gorg' issue - I think there is still something you or I need to do e-mail-wise before I can get 'in' - says something about needing to be 'confirmed' may have been done already, tho...if so, i think i might just need the loading program...
    Again, you have a lot of catching up to do, I know, so, just anytime is fine... no big rush...thanks so much for helping me out with it - I hope I can contribute a few in there, to 'earn my keep' or whatever...

  4. P.S. - I agree that Ginger aged quite well! one in his early 40's, it's kinda weird, but at the same 'age frame' for Ginger, the 'Monkey Business' / 'Black Widow' / 'Tight Spot' era, I really do like her at that period in her career... she seems more 'natural' or something... I REALLY like her in 'Monkey Business'... just really cool.