Thursday, 16 July 2009

The beginning of Ginger's birthday

It's 1am here in the UK and I'm off to bed, but couldn't go without first sayin... HAPPY 98th BIRTHDAY to the gorgeous Miss Virginia Katherine McMath!

There will be much much more at a more civilized hour!!


  1. Yay! Still 4 more hours to go here.

  2. ...HAPPY 98TH TO GINGER!!!

    It's always a somewhat melancholy day, but nevertheless should always be celebrated with gusto...
    I just came back home from vacation, in time to roll thru a few of the 'big ones' tomorrow night (still 7/15 here for an hour or so...) - Kitty, Major/Minor, Swing Time, etc... to commemorate the birth of VKM - shall she always be dancing in our hearts!

  3. hmmmmmmm, 1am seems perfectly civilized to me Beth :) well this seems a perfect time to break out some of Ginger's films! i'll have to get a stockpile setup for the weekend!