Monday, 27 July 2009

Poll Results - and a notice of temporary absence!

Just thought I'd let you all know that I'm very busy this week and next week with the finals of the All England Dance competition. I managed to qualify several dances so am up in London rehearsing/erforming most of the week so any posts will be few and far between!

But on to more interesting topics! The results for "Your Favourite Fred and Ginger Romantic Duet"


With a huge lead in first place (50% of the vote) we have the ever wonderful "Never Gonna Dance" from Swing Time (1936). Whether it's the emotion, the dress, those turns up the stairs or the song.... theres just someting about it that's special!
Tied in second place, Cole Porter's sublime "Night and Day" from The Gay Divorcee (1934), the wonderful melody combined with our first entirely Fred and Ginger extravaganza, the sea, the sensuality....

Also in second place, the infamous "Cheek to Cheek" from Top Hat (1935), which I will always think of as the feathers number! Somehow, knowing about the argument actually makes it more fun to watch rather thah detracting from the mood, Ginger really was sparky! <>

Apart from this, it's a swell song (if anyone would like to hear a charming rendition of Ginger singing it from a rare recording, it is the backing on this video on YT, and the dance is as per usual, top class :)

In third place, again tied, are "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" from Roberta (1935) and "They Can't Take That Away From Me" from The Barkleys of Broadway (1949).

The second could almost (as a reader noted on an earlier post) be considered their signature tune, appearing in two films, written by Gershwin with the pair of them in mind (the line "The way you sing off key" was apparently a private joke with Ginger who occasionally wavered from the tune!) and a perfectly costumed and staged number spelling out the end of an era. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes is in many senses the reverse, they were barely beginning as a partnership having done only one film as the first billing, and I think this particular number sets the tone for what is to come, thir elegance, the electricity between them... perfection in a dance number!

And finally, In joint 4th position, "Let's Face the Music and Dance", Follow the Fleet (1936), "Change Partners" Carefree (1938) and The Final Waltz" of The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle (1939). I dont have time to write on these just now, but will hopefully expand any rate, they're all beautiful, and there's no such thing as bad Fred and Ginger!


  1. Thanks for the results! Gorgeous pictures!

  2. Good luck at your dance competition!! :)

    Thanks for sharing the results and all those lovely pictures! I love that Top Hat documentary clip, too!

  3. Great review! AND, good luck this week - I am sure you will do GREAT! Just remember to 'channel your inner Ginger'!!! :-)

  4. Sorry Beth - I forgot to mention - don't worry about the gorgomon thing anytime soon - still VERY interested, but you take care of your agenda! I honestly only have the weekends to be able to delve into something like that, and I am starting up the work week tomorrow (Monday)... so just anytime is fine - I am 'signed up' on the site, so that should 'hold my spot' or whatever for a bit.... thanks so much for helping me out with it - and good luck again! JW

  5. YAY SO PRETTY!! I can't get over Never Gonna Dance.

    GOOD LUCK on your own dancing!! You must be extraordinary!!!!! And all I can really do is waltz around and tap!!!!!!
    Meanwhile I'm sitting here trying to figure out the workings of my new computer. :/


  6. Oh PS, how are you giving out the Gormogon invites??? I don't know anyone to give them to... wait actually I just met this girl at my school orientation who likes vintage clothes and old movies, but how do you bring a site like that up in a conversation?? :?


  7. Hopefully I can contribute something to it - I have a few not currently on the 'GORM' list - well, actually, some are 'on the way' - the only one I have currently is 'Quick, Let's Get Married' (or 'the Confession') - BUT, I actually ordered 'Harlow', 'Oh Men, Oh Women', and 'Sitting Pretty' off of eBay - hopefully will be decent copies, although not expecting too much - one of them is on VHS - which is ok - I have a DVD-VHS burner - generally I just tape any TCM movie and then 'burn' it to DVD - usually turns out well... not sure if or how it will translate to the computer, tho... hopefully it will not be bad.
    Anyway, if I can just contribute a few to the 'GORM' list, it would make me feel a bit better - cause there are a HEAP on there I do not currently have... and REALLY want!