Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Ginger and Wedding Dresses

I was watching "It Had to be You" today... and man, do I dislike that movie. I just feel like Ginger's part doesnt't suit her, so you dont get her personality at all. Also the plot is absolutely ridiculous, if the indian's a figment of her imagination, how come other people can interact with him!?

Anyway, the multiple weddings in this film got me thinking on how many times Ginger wears a wedding dress in movies. So I'm preparing a Ginger Wedding Dress picture extravaganza special type thing, which'll be up later in the week.

As a part of this, I tried to locate one of Ginger's actual wedding dresses, as I figured even if a few of the 5 were small ceremonies, as a major face of hollywood, there ought to be pictures somewhere! And I came across this picture, which is (as far as I can tell) and actual wedding portrait. I'm trying to find out which one (I'd guess at Lew Ayres by the hair and age and the fact that they had a proper wedding) but I'll try and verify it, but she looks so very gorgeous that I wanted to post it now! Her flowers were lavender orchids and lily-of-the-valley, the dress was ivory satin and the veil tulle. I think its absolutely gorgeous!


  1. Lew Ayres is a good guess-- I agree. What a lovely picture. :)

  2. My absolute favorite is the dress in Carefree. That's what I want for my wedding dress-with a little smaller sleeves though.

  3. Ok - posting to death - sorry - but just had to concur with you on 'It Had to be You' - the silly plot is the main culprit, but to me, another big problem is that Ginger plays a DITZ - something she seldom does... I prefer the smart, sassy, funny, quirky, somewhat 'bull-headed' (in a charming way, of course), yet stylish and glamorous Ginger...none of that really shows up in this movie... but the fact Ginger is featured in ANY capacity makes it (kinda) watchable... and, as usual, she is devastatingly beautiful...but, not my first choice if called upon to introduce someone to the Magic of Ginger...
    There are plenty of wedding dress scenes in it... Tom,Dick and Harry has a few, too - in the 'dream sequences'...
    ...While we are at it, it's just kind of hard for me to figure why Ginger had to get married 5 times... it is pretty well spelled out in her book as to the various problems each union had... I think at the end of the day, the guys just couldn't handle the fact she was so big a star... remember, even up until the 70's, the 'equal rights' thing was not too prominent, and the man was supposed to be the 'pants wearer' - not that it was right, but it just was the way it was...
    Anyway, I wish she would have gotten with Jimmy Stewart or Cary Grant... either with Ginger would have made a really cool couple.

  4. ...BTW, I know you probably already have this one in the mix, but I just watched 'Professional Sweetheart', and she has a pretty neat wedding dress on... the veil has a round, 'halo' type look - not as pronounced as the 'halo' on 'It Had to be You', tho...

  5. Aw, I love IT HAD TO BE YOU. I think it's cute, and charming. :)

    Flimsy: but fun.

    My favorite wedding dress of Rogers is either the CAREFREE one, or the second one she wears at the start of IT HAD TO BE YOU.

  6. ...Well, there are a FEW things in IHTBY that were funny - the 'inital' meeting of the family was ok - some funny moments there... and the 'indian', once in the house, had a few funny moments, like when he was playing 'gin' with the dad... (wonder if ginger played gin? most likely didn't DRINK gin... but ginger ale, maybe...(sorry)) - anyway, again, she is cute as all get out in this one, but I think the lack of music was a bit of a negative - I was certain she was going to sing 'It had to be you' in the movie when I first watched it, and I figured that alone would be worth the price of admission... but ultimately, there are just others she did that are so much better. But, choosing between IHTBY and 99% of the stuff out today or the past 20 years or so, I would STILL go with the DitzyGinger with the Imaginary Indian-FireChief movie every time!

  7. i love you ginger blog. Please, please if you could, i would really appreciate seeing the ginger wedding extravanganza pics that were promised! many thanks x x x x x

  8. Look what you've started! I was doing some browsing around on google images and look what I came across....



  9. I think at the end of the day, the guys just couldn't handle the fact she was so big a star... remember, even up until the 70's, the 'equal rights' thing was not too prominent, and the man was supposed to be the 'pants wearer' - not that it was right, but it just was the way it was.

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