Sunday, 5 July 2009

Has returned, sunburnt.... :(

I spent the last week and a bit staying in a flat with 13 friends...all of whom dislike classic cinema. To quote, "If it's black and white, it's s**t!".

I took a few Ginger DVDs with me in the hope that I'd get a chance to watch them in the early mornings while the others slept off their hangovers, but it was not to be :( Therefore I spent 10 days without Ginger :o - This is not something I will repeat. I managed to sneak about a half hour of the Major and The Minor while people were shopping but the moment people returned they started making rude comments, so I switched it off befoe I was forced to kill someone.

This led me to wonder, why is it most people automatically assume recent films are "better". I was forced to watch "Knocked up" *grimace*, endless episodes of Desperate Housewives *melodrama* and "The Epic Movie" which made me want to remove my own eyeballs with a blunt stick.

Tomorrow I find out whether or not I got the grades to go to University. After this potential trauma, I'll try and get back on track with this blog, I have a few reviews, and random trivia to post!

Beth xx

As a note - I currently have 10 invites to a private torrent tracker specialising in classic movies. This has about 60 of Gingers films to download. Leave a comment if you are interested!!


  1. hey, welcome back! sorry to hear you got sunburned though!
    i can honestly say i dont know why so many people seem to be instantly negative about old films but then again i am usually very non-plus about new films because 99% of the ones i see are pretty lame. the black and white seems to put a lot of people off and that's a shame!
    dont even get me started on the state of TV these days. i watch nothing on regular telly anymore, it's so bad.

    i'll keep a good thought for you and your university pursuits!

  2. ...Hi! It is great to find some folks are into Ginger Rogers (i.e. the greatest actress to ever walk the planet!!!), and sharing info about her movies and any other stuff! I have over 40 of her movies so far, looking for more... I am down to 'hunting' for them, or hopefully catching one that I do not have yet on TCM or another channel ...
    Hope all works out for you in your University quest - its tough, but worth all the hassle!
    Keep the info coming!
    P.S. - It's hard to get folks to 'get into' older movies, which is a shame... most of the newer stuff is just exercises in special effects and foul language... keep trying to win them over...or else it could be time to 're-evaluate' some of your friendships!

  3. PLEEZ can I have an invite? :D

  4. OUCH! I got sunburnt last week... and took pictures to document it, haha!
    HAHA The Major and the Minor is SO GOOD! You should have taken me along, I definately would have watched! After you see enough black and white, you get used to it. It's nice. And film noir is so much more effective in black and white too!
    I have 5 Ginger films on my iPod. This way I can go anywhere with her! I remember on the ride to Malibu for our senior trip, I was watching Follow The Fleet on the iPod and my friend asks my other friend to see what I'm watching. I pretend I can't hear them because I want to see what they are going to say. One friend says "oh it's some old movie." And I can tell they think it is lame, but THEY are most definately lame for both of them being dancers and not knowing about Fred and Ginger.
    When I go to college I have decided I need everyone to know I love classic movies so if you hate them and are going to be rude don't come near me! Haha!


  5. You are sooo right about how people these days only view newer movies as being better. But they're so used to the vitiated fisherprice version of film that they are unable to recognize that the quality of filmmaking has decreased so much over time. I think the invention of CGI has made it even worse, for now the emphasis is always on how a film can visually entertain you as opposed to how a film can mentally entertain you. (tho for me, i love the look of black and white, especially when they use the soft focus closeups)

    Growing up i wanted to work in the film industry, but now i want no part of it. Its pretty sad how things are going.

    I also find it difficult to be a young person and to love old movies because it's very hard to find other young people who like old movies too. People just aren't raised on them, and they get turned off by the black and white.

    It's comforting to know that there are other young people out there, like you, who enjoy the quality work of yesteryear, especially that of the lovely Mrs. Ginger Rogers.

    Love your blog, keep it up! :)


    PS: I found one of Ginger's film on torrent, not sure if you've already seen it, but here it is.

  6. Thanks for you comment MArk! I have In Person on DVD, but thanks for the link anyway, I might post torrent links to some films but havent as yet coz of the legal hoodoo of file sharing!

    Im in total agreement on the gorgeous quality of soft focus black and white shots. Recently rewatching the Ginger film "Once Upon a Honeymoon" I stumbled upon a moment of such perfect beauty, I really couldnt comprehend how people can actually dismiss such movies just based on colouring.

    The soul has gone out of the Movie industry.


  7. I R interested!! Gimmie invite, it's damn hard to find her movies :-s

  8. Hey there, Bethrose! You sound like a very interesting person, and you are also very beautiful! Hope you post something new soon.


  9. Great idea!

    I am very fond of Ginger, her unique pairing with Fred Astaire of course, but also the less known dramas she made for RKO (Primrose Path, I'll be seeing you...)
    I am still looking for "Lady in the Dark", any link welcome..

    I had the chance to see Ginger Rogers on stage in Paris, at the OLympia Music Hall in the late 80s.
    She certainly didn't have the looks of her musicals anymore, but what a wonderful energy and talent. The magic was still there. I was at the opening night and was so impressed that I went to see her again the last night.
    The second time I was with friend, a concert pianist who knew nothing about Ginger Rogers, she was enthusiastic too.